Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Great American BUYcott of 2006

Update 3: AllahPundit at Hot Air has as-it-happens-updates throughout the day (video and pictures) from here and Mexico - yes you read right MEXICO where even Subcomandante Marcos came out to protest at the US Embassy. Michelle Malkin both at Vent and her site has more.

Update2: Tyson, Perdue and Gallo wines are participating in the boycott.

Update: Some workers of a plant closed in observance of the Boycott, went to another plant to work

May 1st - a common and known communist holiday is the day chosen by the "illegal" immigrants for the "boycott" to inflict harm on our nation and our people. They plan to bring this nation to a halt, disregarding how others are affected, and "will settle for nothing less than full amnesty...and believe increased enforcement is the step in the wrong direction."

This nation is a nation of immigrants, is one of their calls. Newsflash so is almost every other nation, including most of Central and South America. Also, read about REAL American farmers, who do not use illegal immigrants and are adversely affected by illegal workers.

Excuse me? Enforcement the wrong direction? Is this the respect they have for our laws and our country - the very same one they say they want to be a part of? I'd like to think this is the rhetoric of a group that favors law breaking in general and not that of all illegals.

Some supporters of the immigration bill are against the boycott, including Cardinal Mahoney because of fears that it can backfire and create a backlash. James D. Hudnall weighs in on the issue. In addition, Hispanic groups against amnesty and pro-immigration reform have formed the You Don't Speak for Me coalition and will hold a press conference today. Pajamas Media has more as does Michelle Malkin.

Last time I checked inflicting harm to get your way was called blackmail. Plain and simple. But we as citizens and legal immigrants can do something to counteract this movement - a BUYcott!

All Americans who support LEGAL immigration but demand that all immigrants RESPECT our law are asked to act on May 1st. Wear RED and/or BLUE that day (They will be wearing white), and go SHOPPING.

If you have to grocery shop, make it May 1st. Need gas in your car? Fill it up May 1st. Buy Mother's Day gifts, buy summer clothes, buy that new car you've been thinking about, whatever you need, but BUY May 1st.

American citizens outnumber illegal immigrants, and we MUST make ourselves heard. Wear red and/or blue (I'd prefer blue since red is a communist color and it is a communist holiday) to show your pride in your country, and your opposition to weak border and amnesty legislation. And GO SHOPPING! Let's make May 1st a day to remember, and remind Congress that the illegal immigrants can't vote. We can. And we will.
So go out and buy everything you can and everything you need! Splurge a little as well!

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Cuba and the L.A. Times

The LA Times has two must read articles today regarding Cuba, the Revolution and The Bearded Stooge. One needs registration, but it's free and simple and I recommend it because it is the best of the two. Please don't mind the one or two anti-embargo comments - it's worth ignoring them for what both authors have to say.

The first article, discusses the meaures The Bearded Stooge is taking to attempt to ensure the survival of his robolution after his demise. An excerpt:
In the last year, amid indications of the bearded icon's flagging health, the regime has:

• Declared war on the "new rich," arresting those who use their cars or bicycles as taxis, seizing privately raised produce on sale at farmers markets and rescinding self-employment licenses that had allowed Cubans since 1994 to run restaurants and guesthouses in their homes.

• Increased the number of "acts of repudiation" by Communist Party militants, who track down and heckle dissidents and their families.

• Ramped up efforts to dismantle outlawed satellite dishes, and confiscated televisions and subscription decoder cards brought in by relatives visiting from abroad.

• Drafted students and aging Communist Party loyalists to stand guard at gas stations and factories to deter theft by a broad sector of state employees, a problem even the party mouthpiece Granma acknowledges has reached pandemic proportions.

• Ordered Cubans to refrain from contact with foreign tourists unless "absolutely necessary" for their jobs, claiming a need to protect citizens from ideological contamination.
The second article, an editorial by a journalist visiting Cuba highlights that the Cubans in Cuba are waiting for something. In it, he narrates different stories of coping of average Cubans:
CASTRO LIKES to bask in his "Bolivarian" partnership with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, and he points to the rise of Bolivia's Evo Morales and Brazil's Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva to suggest hemispheric trends are going his way. But it's self-delusional for him to ignore the fact that these and other Latin American leftists were elected, and that their cities remain teeming bastions of private consumerism, while in Cuba you'd better not lose your rationing card if you want that bar of soap you are entitled to every three months.

Cuba's nightly newscast loves to show fellow Latin Americans rallying against free-trade agreements with the U.S. The goal, once again, is to reinforce the notion that events are going Cuba's way, but the message is mixed.

"If only we could protest spontaneously like that here," says Eliezer, a bookseller in Havana, echoing a common refrain among Russians exposed quarter of a century ago to scenes of anti-nuclear protests in Western Europe. "The trouble with this country," he goes on to say, presumably ignoring the thousands of compatriots who brave the Straits of Florida each year, "is that no one is willing to die for freedom."

Eliezer sells some risque material in his bookshop, but he says the way to stay out of trouble is to not get air-conditioning (a bourgeois comfort that might raise suspicions), stay off the Internet and never learn English. That's quite a survival guide.
Refreshing to see not one, but two articles that at least stay pretty true to form. Now go read.

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The 101st Fighting Keyboardists Brigade

If you are a center to right blogger, or an anti-left blogger......
Sign Up!

Take the oath and be proud!

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Open Letter for a Free Cuba

We would be unanimously in favor of removing economic sanctions against Cuba under the following eight conditions:
1. That all Cuban political prisoners and prisoners of conscience be released immediately and granted an unconditional amnesty.
2. That all Cubans be allowed to move freely within the country.
3. That the existing system of apartheid-like segregation be eradicated immediately, specifically that all Cubans be treated as equals to their foreign counterparts, such as “prominent scholars and artists” from abroad.
4. That all Cubans be granted access to all sources of uncensored information, whether in broadcast, print, or Internet immediately.
5. That all Cubans be granted the freedom to express their opinions freely without fear of repercussions.
6. That all Cubans be allowed to travel abroad freely.
7. That all Cubans be allowed to live, work, and seek a better life for themselves as they see fit.
8. That all Cubans be allowed to elect their leaders through verifiable, transparent democratic elections as allowed for in Cuba’s last legitimate constitution, the Constitution of 1940

Please read the whole letter here and here. If you agree with what is said please electronically sign the letter here or by emailing here. These ordinary Americans plan to publish this letter in order to counteract the recent efforts of ENCASA, who as said in the letter, DOES NOT represent all Cuban-Americans.

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You Don't Speak for Me

As a result of all the protests and bad PR Hispanics as a whole have been getting out of this immigration debate, a coalition has been formed by Hispanics who are pro-legal immigration and pro immigration reform. You Don't Speak for Me.

In response to the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens who have been marching under the Mexican flag demanding to be rewarded for having violated US immigration law, a new coalition has been formed to accurately represent Hispanics in the US who work hard, play by the rules and want the opportunity to see their own kids get ahead. Known as “You Don’t Speak for Me,” the coalition aims to dispel the impression that the people out on the streets represent the views of all Hispanic-Americans.

“Politicians and the media seem to believe that Hispanic-Americans hold a monolithic view on the subject of immigration,” said Peter Nunez, a former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury and a spokesman for the group.

“In fact, millions of Hispanic-Americans—including many who have gone through the immigration process the right way—are offended by the demands being made by people who have broken our nation’s laws. We are even more offended that the views of Hispanic citizens are not being accurately portrayed,” he said.
My spouse - a legal immigrant - and I are one of those millions of Hispanic-Americans offended by these demands and that our views are not being accurately portrayed. I'm also offended at how many Hispanics (celebrities in particular) have taken up arms and made this about them (Hispanics) while forgetting the Haitians, Asians and other groups that are also here illegally.

I'd like to clarify for once and for all that being anti-illegal immigration IS NOT being anti-immigrant, racist, prejudiced, anti-Hispanic or anti-immigration reform. It simply means that we believe the laws should be followed, and law breakers should not be rewarded. Please don't blend the lines.

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Friday, April 28, 2006

Dubai Deal

There was outrage when people found out that a Dubai company might take over the management of the U.S. ports.

But now, they will be building parts for our fighter jets???

Which part of National Security does the government NOT UNDERSTAND?

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Mother's Day Brunch

Usually I take my mother to Sunday's on the Bay in Key Biscayne for Mother's Day Brunch.  Apparently, the place has closed down, since the phone lines are disconnected.  Since I don't reside in Miami, aside from The Biltmore, can anyone give me ideas for Mother's Day Brunch around the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area?

I look forward to your suggestions - especially if they are close to the water.  She loves the ocean.

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Cuba Drilling 50 miles off Key West

Cuba has plans to start drilling for oil 50 miles off the coast of Key West, while the US has its hands tied to drill that close to the mainland. Quite a paradox, don't you think?

If Bill Nelson has his way, Cuba will have to quedarse con las ganas - meaning Cuba hands would be tried and would prevent them from drilling.

Read the story here.

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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Puerto Rico coming to a halt

Update: The governor was slated to meet with the Controller and opposition leader Jose Aponte.  He stood both of them up and instead went to a gossip TV Show "La Comay" to whine and bash Roselló some more.  We can really see "his interest" in resolving this issue.

So the illegals have threatened to bring the US to a halt.  Bid Deal.

Puerto Rico is at the brink of being bankrupt and coming to a complete halt on Monday due to lack of funds, and a $1 billion deficit.    Government offices will close and people will not get paid.  Residents might not even get their Tax Refund as the governor wants to "borrow" it to cover expenses.

Among the casualties, would be the Department of Education.  Yes you read right.  This means that student will have their last class this Friday, not being able to finish their year, and not being able to graduate, until this financial crisis is resolved.  And you think the US has a deficit problem?  At least the offices here don't close, and people are still getting paid.

Now you can blame whomever you want.  Some people like to blame ex-governor Pedro Roselló, who was accused of stealing money when he left office.  Charges have never been brought as there has been no evidence to charge him with.  In addition, he left office 6 years ago.

The last 6 years have seen the PPD (pro-commonwealth) in power - Sila M. Calderón the first woman governor (what a shame!) and Anibal Acevedo Vilá who was elected as the less of two evils.  Pedro Roselló was running against him.  So the PPD has had 6 years to have taken care of whatever the PNP (pro-statehood) did previously.

So they are now at a crossroads, and the governor is verbally attacking and blaming everyone except himself.  Even more so, he is blackmailing the Senators into approving HIS budget, which they oppose.

While the governor hails insults in reggaeton lingo, so unbecoming of the position of GOVERNOR, and finds a deadlock with the Senate, the country's credit goes down the drain, government offices close, and Puerto Rico stands to loose millions in Federal Aid to the Department of Education as well as certain autonomy.  It is still beyond me how the Department of Education was NOT selected as one of the offices to maintain open.

May 1st, while the illegal immigrants here in the mainland will be boycotting the very hand that feeds them and lobbies for their legalization (American Businesses), Puerto Ricans will be taking the streets in protest of their government, in a true exercise of their freedom of speech and democracy.

I ask Puerto Ricans living in PR to take it a step further, and to ask for the resignation of Anibal Acevedo Vila, who has proven within the first two years of his mandate that he is not fit to lead the country, nor to manage it.

It is a sad, sad day in Puerto Rico, when the government forgets they owe themselves to the people and not the other way around. 

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Alabama and Cuba just signed a deal for $20 million, bringing up their total commerce to about $170 million dollars in agricultural products. In the current deal Cuba will be purchasing wood, paper and chickens from Alabama.

With so many agricultural commerce between Cuba and US states (like Nebraska), it's hard to believe people in Cuba still can't get enough food. Oh yes, I forgot those pesky tourists that get all the carne con arroz y frijoles.

What was it that Bush said a couple days back?

"Trade enables a tyrant to stay in power."

Is this not trade? Are we not enabling then the tyrant to stay in power? Uncommon Sense has more.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I ask the same question

The Miami Herald reports that a Cuban American in California asked President Bush how can we trade with China and Vietnam, but not allow visits to Cuba. This Cuban American was asking because he believes that visits to the island would topple The Bearded Stooge, while Bush argued that "trade enables a tyrant to stay in power."

"Trade enables a tyrant to stay in power." I agree. So then I have to ask, how can we not allow visits to Cuba, but trade with China and Vietnam? It's clear that visits nor trade has "toppled" the repressive undemocratic regimes in this country. Trade enables a tyrant to stay in power.

Indeed. China and Vietnam are living examples. Next question?

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Monday, April 24, 2006

Who is Teodoro Petkoff?

Before you get all warm and fuzzy about this oppositional candidate in December's Venezuela elections, you might want to read this and this. If you prefer English then read this.

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Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Tortures of Castro

Via Net for Cuba:

The documentary reveals numerous testimonies of victims of the Castro regime, from victims of terrifying tortures received in prisons and detention centers, to survivors of crimes committed by the Tyranny. The Tortures of Castro, with English subtitles, was produced by Pedro Corzo, and directed by Luis Guardia with the coordination of Francisco Lorenzo.

You can watch it here or here.

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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Bilingual "Star Spangled Banner"

Update 3: MSNBC reports the story and offers a poll in which 82% of its readership find the Spanish anthem offensive. Interestingly, even Spanish media finds this as not such a good idea:

"Even our Spanish media are saying, 'Why are we doing this, what are you trying to do?' " said Pedro Biaggi, the morning host with El Zol (99.1 FM), the most popular Hispanic radio station in the Washington area. "It's not for us to be going around singing the national anthem in Spanish. . . . We don't want to impose, we don't own the place. . . . We want to be accepted."

Update 2: Malkin has a sample of one of the versions, and Uncommon Sense has more on the story

Update: Malkin picks up the story

This is the perfect case of perhaps a good idea - a recording with modern day renditions of the Star Spangled Banner by Hispanic artists - with a BAD execution - recording the anthem in either Spanish or English.

"We decided to re-record 'The Star-Spangled Banner' to show our solidarity with the undocumented migrants," said UBO President Adam Kidron. "Today we are Americans and 'The-Star Spangled Banner' represents everything to us." The recording, dubbed "Nuestro Himno" or "Our Anthem," is set to "urban Latino rhythms" but respects the song's traditional structure, UBO said in a news release. Each artist decided whether to sing in Spanish or English.
I don't know about this. For me a national anthem should never be "renditioned", but that is just my taste. However, I do believe it should always be sung in the language in which it was written since it, as a flag, represents that nation.

This has the potential to uproar Americans, as much as Roseanne Barr's infamous rendition of the anthem at a baseball game. In addition, singing the anthem in Spanish can be seen as further refusal to assimilate into mainstream from Hispanics, where now even the anthem gets translated into Spanish and as total disrespect for this nation's symbols. Additionally, this singles out even more the Hispanic group as the one with the "assimilation problem".

Some are hopeful and believe this can be seen as an effort to incorporate American patriotism among Hispanics. Since this Spanish-English version of the U.S. national anthem will be put on the market Monday to coincide with the U.S. Senate's restarting debate on immigration legislation, chances are it will rub people the wrong way.

My spouse would certainly not want to hear the Chilean anthem in English, and I'm sure Puerto Ricans would not like to hear La Borinqueña in English.

What do you think?

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Friday, April 21, 2006

The Irony of it All

Pro-illegal aliens shout that we need stiffer penalties for businesses who hire illegal aliens. Don't blame the illegal aliens, they say. Businesses need a better way to know the eligibility of workers, don't blame the businesses some say.

If businesses are going to be responsible for the "penalty" of hiring an illegal, and given that illegal aliens acquire fraudulent documents for work purposes with ease, then businesses need a way to make sure their workers are in fact legal.

So the House passed legislation, now pending in the Senate, that proposes an Employment Eligibility System which includes a database of job seekers at the Department of Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration. Employers would use the system to look up a potential employee's Social Security number or alien identification number to make sure those numbers are not fraudulent.

Sounds like a good idea to control the hiring of illegal aliens, right? Wrong says the ACLU.

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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Spring Cleaning!

Throughout the summer I'll be doing some changes to the blog. Not in content, but in appearance (color, design, etc.) in order to make it easier to read and to find archived posts, as well as to give it it the personal Ventanita touch. I want to own my blog, not be another template.

So I call on you my readers for feedback and suggestions, from anything from colors to layout to graphics. Only three things will not change: the name of the blog, its orientation and of course, me. For easy access, I will post a link to this post on the sidebar, so you can comment anytime. The new design will go up sometime in August.

Looking forward to your comments!

Boycott Backlash

Update 2: Publius Pundit has more.

Update: Michelle Malkin has a must Table/Graphic with how the number of arrests decreased.

I commented Tuesday that the planned May 1 boycott, could backfire on the immigrant reform and the pro-illegal immigrant groups, as it would create anger and disgust among American citizens, and even among legal immigrants.
In addition, the fact that the planned boycott and walkout was being sponsored by ANSWER, a known communist group, would harm the groups even more. It seems that finally some of the groups put two and two together, and realized that this was not such a good idea to achieve their goal. Captain Quarter's has more, and it is a must read. Some highlights:
Other groups plan to push the strike, making the split a potentially bitter one if the crowds do not turn out as planned. A representative of Hermandad Mexicana Latinoamericana, one of the groups pressing for the walkout, says that their plans have not changed. This should surprise no one, as HML has partnered with International ANSWER, the last of the Stalinist apologist groups, to select the old Communist holiday to highlight their open-borders philosophy.

A walkout, especially on a date most Americans will associate with socialist propaganda, will further erode moderate positions and make it more difficult to reach any solution other than a widespread crackdown on illegals.
I couldn't have said it better.

Whether you favor amnesty or not, this boycott is NOT a good approach and I exhort all of you to participate in a BUYCOTT. Save your money, save your purchases and go out on May 1 and to them all. Should this planned "national strike" actually happen and have an effect, kiss any type of amnesty goodbye.

The best course of action? Contact your senators, and tell them how you feel.

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No Embargo Here

Nebraska sells food to Cuba to the tune of millions, and will now sell them another $30 million that includes:
Sheehy said the new deal will include the export of pork, cattle, poultry, wheat, corn, soybeans, dry beans and dairy in the next 18 months.
You think maybe now the price of pork will drop? You think maybe pork and poultry will now be more available in Cuba?

Probably not. After all, the embargo is imosed by The Bearded Stooge on his people. He does not suffer of said embargo, and neither do the tourists that visit the island.

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Yahoo sells out Pro-Democracy Chinese

It turns out that Yahoo helped the Chinese government identify a cyber dissident who was imprisoned. I don't know about you, but for me this just hits a new low - companies now turning over email information?

(H/T Uncommon Sense)

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Iraq the Model

I usually do not post about Iraq. I should, I know, but I don't. The way the press manipulates the information so it's all bad news, and the killing by the insurgents just bother me too much. Today for example I read a story about two TEACHERS that were beheaded in front of their pupils, so as to deter the Iraquis from education.

Then via Michelle Malkin, I read that one of the bloggers at Iraq The Model had lost his brother in law in a senseless assassination by terrorists. These guys blog, and fight every day for the prosperity of their nation, for their freedom, for their right to be a sovereign nation. Their government tries to overcome their major differences to manage a democracy. This are very PROUD people...and the terrorists know that.

As he says, they can kill them but they CAN'T enslave them. Please read his post.

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Evo butts Heads with his people

McClellan Resigns

I don't get to watch many press conferences, but the few I do, I always enjoyed McClellan giving the news, and addressing the reporters. I believe he did a great job.

I will miss Scott McClellan.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Retaking the Immigration Debate

Update: A Legal Immigrant's view of the situation

The Senate is due back, and the debate should pick up where it left off. Now we are left to wonder if the Senate is coming back with their priorities in order, instead of in reverse. At least a Senator for Georgia has the priorities in the CORRECT order:

The Georgia Republican said deciding whether to allow illegal immigrants already in the United States any sort of guest worker privileges should come after it’s proven the tougher enforcement has stopped the surge of new illegal immigrants.
Let's see if he is able to get the rest of the Senate to se the light in this issue, and point in the right direction and in the right order: BORDER SECURITY first, then immigration debate.

Another issue is the May 1st "Day without an immigrant" boycott which is looking more and more like a national strike of everyone - immigrants and non immigrants. So it really will not be "Day without an immigrant". In addition, they are attempting to paralyze the nation, shutting down ports and airports while they are at it. This is not the best strategy to gain respect. Remember the New York transit workers strike? Did they derive any sympathy? No. And they were American Citizens.

People affected by the strike, not being able to get to work because the kids have no school, not having transportation available, not being able to travel, are going to be UPSET instead of sympathetic. I come from an entire family of immigrants, married one too, and NONE of them support this boycott.

There is a chance for a large group of people to lose their jobs, in particular in "at will" states. I don't believe many illegal immigrants would risk losing their job, on top of a day's pay. The illegals I know, are not partaking in this boycott. Additionally, businesses affected just might take it out on the immigrants they employ and lay them off.

This is NOT the right attitude. RESPECT berates respect. This is blackmail; this is an act of aggressionn that seeks to purposefully and without regard inflict harm on others. First were the protests that had and underlying sentiment of ENTITLEMENT, of the United States owing them something. They are here, they are working, they have kids going to school, they are sending money home. It seems they have all they need.

Yes I know they are UNDERPAID, and ABUSED and treated as SLAVES. Blame the employers that are hiring them. Everyone forgets these are ILLEGAL immigrants - that means they shouldn't be here in the first place.

NO ONE, I say this with the conviction of experience, NO ONE absolutely NO ONE is INDISPENSABLE. NO ONE. If they want to make inroads with the American people they need to remember that. This action they are planning can undo in an instant the sympathy they may have gained with the protests.

And the instances of violence at the protests don't help either. The latest was a rock and egg throwing incident against the house of an elderly couple whose last name, ironically, is GOMEZ.

Deporting them is not practical; it is probably impossible. Then you have the situations of families where parents are illegals but the children are citizens. There is no easy way out of this. There is not a way that will leave everyone happy. I don't have a solution, but I know AMNESTY is not the answer. They are already camping at the border in record numbers. And I also know that this boycott is not the right way of asking.

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On the Meaning of Intransigent

Recent events have brought to my attention the word INTRANSIGENT.

This word is commonly used to describe Cuban exiles and Cuban Americans who live in South Florida. The word carries with it negative attributions and connotations, and when used it is usually in a dismissive, denigrating and insulting manner.

Curious by this phenomenom I went to Webster's to look up the word:

"1 a : refusing to compromise or to abandon an extreme position or attitude"
Let's review this meaning: "Refusing to compromise or abandon an extreme attitude".

Fidel Castro is INTRANSIGENT. He has refused to abandon his extreme position for the past 47 years. Stalin was also INTRANSIGENT refusing to abandon his extreme position. Hitler was INTRANSIGENT. He refused to abandon his extreme attitude that the Aryan race should prevail over others.

Terrorists are INTRANSIGENT too, they refuse to abandon their extreme position that infidels must be killed.

I can see how people tend to give it a negative connotation. But then again, those same people who give it a negative connotation to the Cubans in South Florida, tend to love and adore Castro, Communism and pander to terrorists.

Pope John Paul II was INTRANSIGENT. He refused to abandon his extreme attitude and position that communism should be eradicated from the face of the earth. The Jews are INTRANSIGENT. They refuse to abandon their extreme position to eradicate and fight anti-Semitism in all its shapes and forms.

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and the Founding Fathers were INTRANSIGENT. They refused to abandon their extreme position and attitude of independence and freedom from Great Britain; their extreme position and attitude of being a sovereign nation. Jesus was INTRANSIGENT. He refused to abandon his extreme position on a religion for all; on forgiveness instead of vengeance; on loving and doing onto others as you want done onto yourself.

Where would we be, if INTRANSIGENT was always a negative characteristic to have? If people had indeed not refused to abandon their extreme position?

Being INTRANSIGENT, whether for good or evil, takes CONVICTION. Takes BELIEF in your ideas. Takes DETERMINATION. Takes PASSION. Last time I checked neither of these last four words were negative or bad qualities for a human being to possess.

So, if you are Cuban or Cuban American, the next time someone calls you INTRANSIGENT because you refuse to abandon your extreme position of a Free Cuba without the Bearded Stooge.....SMILE and proudly say: "Yes, I am". You are in good company.

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The Cubans have Arrived

In Bolivia that is. Nearly 600 of them since Morales took office. And not all Bolivians are happy about this.

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Monday, April 17, 2006


Today is the anniversary of Bay of Pigs, go here for heartfelt essays that conmmemorate the sacrifice and the betrayed heroes.

If you are looking for a particular post, I think you are looking for this.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Fidel's Intervention

If you ever had doubts that the Bearded Stooge had his hand in the Venezuelan government cookie jar, in particular, in helping Stooge Chavez back into power after the coup, well doubt no more.

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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Degrees of Separation

Recently the Cuban government expelled a Czech diplomat, needless to say this didn't sit well with the Czechs. But the Czechs know the Bearded Stooge's games all too well.

That the Cuban government decided to expel the diplomat is not surprising. That they managed to somehow connect this to the US is amusing, and considering the Czech diplomat subversive somewhat new. It's starting to feel like we are playing a new and improved version of Six Degrees of Separation, only instead of Kevin Bacon it is the United States.

A recent incident raised tensions between the two nations, when super model and former Miss Czech RepublicHelena Houdova was arrested for taking pictures of slums in Cuba. Her camera was confiscated and pictures deleted, but she smuggled out her memory card in her bra and exposed The Real Cuba and The Real Fidel Castro. The pictures have been exhibited in the Czech Republic and plans are in the making to take the exhibition on a world tour.

The Czechs have been one of the few governments, if not the only one, to publicly support dissidents, denounce violations of human right, and criticize the imprisonment of journalists, dissidents, and all those who dare speak against the tyranny of the Bearded Stooge.

I have to say, God Bless the Czechs for their unending support for a free and democratic Cuba.

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Friday, April 14, 2006

The world is actually bigger than you

"The world is actually bigger than Cuba and South Florida. Hard to believe, I know, but not everyone...cares about the stuff you lost in 1959. Or 1968. Or whenever. Yes, it's sad. But most people in the world just...don't care."

That was one of the nation's 25 most influential Hispanics by Time magazine speaking to a fellow Cuban blogger who chooses to blog about his passion speaking against Fidel Castro and daily trying to put the truth about the real Cuba out there; debunking all those nice, flowery, nostalgic NYT Cuba and Fidel Castro (and oh yes, Che Guevara too) stories. Setting the record straight; disseminating truth.

Read it again, read the despise, the arrogance, the devaluation, the denigration, the lessening (my emphasis):

but not everyone...cares about the stuff you lost in 1959. Or 1968. Or whenever.

Stuff? One of the nation's 25 most influential Hispanics thinks that Cubans, excuse me Miami Cubans, are centered on STUFF? As in property stuff? I'd like to see the reaction of this Hispanic author if the government came and took his/her home away. Evicted all of them - spouse and children - onto the street and in the time it takes the glue of a label stuck on the door to dry, gather your belongings. Minutes. No place to live, no roof, no home, no clothes, no food. No job either because of course that too was taken away.

This author perpetuates the image that all Cuban exiles were millionaire prissys that are crying over losing their mansions - the spilled milk metaphor. Boy do I have a reality check for this person. But that's not an argument I will have here. This is about something bigger than me and bigger than this Hispanic author.

Stuff? Property? Yes people lost property they worked hard to attain; in many cases the ONLY thing they had. They lost businesses they built with their hands through years of hard work and little sleep. But property is recuperable.

Cubans also lost their freedom; but that too is recuperable - they regained in the US, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, and the many other enclaves they formed in exile. So yeah, they lost Stuff.

They also lost something else; something that escapes the "influential" mind of this Hispanic author, something monumental. In all the rage, anger, rancor, venom and despise spewed at the fellow Cuban blogger, Miami Cubans and Cubans in general, you see a lack of sensitivity, regard, consideration, and even respect.

Cubans also lost people. PEOPLE. Hardly qualifies as stuff now does it?

Fathers, husbands, sons, daughters, wives, aunts, uncles, grandfathers, grandmothers, brothers, sisters, and even the unborn. Viciously murdered, assassinated because they opposed, were associated with opposition, were considered counter-revolutionary. Killed at el paredón without a just and fair trial, but instead with a circus summary trial which consisted of "the state finds you guilty and sentences you to death". Lost PEOPLE. Lost Family.

PEOPLE you cannot recuperar. People are lost forever. Someone assassinating, or cutting short the life of your family for their own selfish goal is not the kind of thing you forget, the kind of thing others refer to as "stuff..whenever..don't care."

Losing a loved one is a big enough reason to hate Fidelito and friends (Che Guevara included) for a lifetime; enough reason to never forget, to never want to allow others to forget because the moment you allow their sacrifice to be forgotten, you are betraying them. You are erasing their existence. But heck, to this Hispanic influential author, they are Just Stuff.

Tell that to the Chileans and Argentineans who lost loved ones and had desaparecidos under the Pinochet and Videla dictatorships respectively. They still talk about it, they still fight about it, they still want these dictators brought to justice and to pay for assassinating their loved ones. For them it's not Stuff. It's JUSTICE. And for justice you fight all your life, because loved ones deserve it. You learn to never to give up; to keep fighting - to never quit.

So, bothered by this monumental omission and disregard on his/her part, I wrote a comment on this author's blog that basically summarized what I've discussed here - to be considerate when writing such a blanket statement; to have more regard for those who lost PEOPLE. Needless to say, my comment was not published. It was CENSORED, SILENCED.

Comment moderation is to moderate, not for CENSORING opposing views. Rather than admit you were wrong, that you made a blanket statement in which you had not considered the consequences, rather than expose such a fault and lack of sensitivity to your followers on your blog who feed your ego, you CENSOR.

I'm Cuban-American. My mother is Cuban my father is Spanish. They lost everything - property, freedom, and people. I'm very proud of being an American, love this nation and what it stands for. I'm very proud of my heritage, my language, my music, my culture. Most of all, I'm proud of the fact that I respect other people's pain, other people's passion, other people's desires, other people's opinions. It's important to them, it's their soul, it's who they are and it's called RESPECT. What kind of person would I be if I didn't?

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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Comedy Central Caves In

I don't agree with the irreverence of South Park, but at least it's always been fair in its irreverence - everyone and everything is a target. This week the second part of the Mohammed cartoons episode, due to show a cameo cartoon of Mohammed, was scheduled to air. However Comedy Central apparently refused to air it.

That the network would allow previous shows in which Christianity, Judaism, Scientology and Catholicism were disrespected, but would not apply the same "freedom of speech" to a show dealing with Mohammed cartoons is an insult. I believe in equal or nothing, and expected more from Comedy Central.

Please contact Comedy Central and let them know that what's fair is fair, and that they have to air the show. Otherwise, they need to issue a public apology for airing previous religion bashing South Park episodes.

If Comedy Central allows South Park to make fun of other religions, why would they allow special treatment to one religion over others, in this case Islam and Muslims? This is outright preferential treatment, and discrimination against all other religions - Christians, Jews and Scientology - all which have been previously disrespected in South Park episodes.

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I have to share this

A friend sent me this email today; whether it's a joke or it actually happened is unimportant. In light of the anti-military protests yesterday I had to post this. Please pay speciall attention to the last paragraph:
A Marine was attending a college course between missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. The professor, an avowed atheist, shocked the class one day when he walked in, looked toward the ceiling, and said loudly, "God, if you are real, then I want you to knock me off this platform. I'll give you exactly 15 minutes."

The lecture room fell silent and the professor began his lecture. Ten minutes went by and the professor proclaimed, "Here I am God - still waiting."

It got down to the last minute when the Marine stood up, walked toward the professor and threw his best punch knocking him off the platform and out cold.

The Marine went back to his seat and sat down. The other students were shocked and stunned and sat there looking on in silence. The professor came to, noticeably shaken, looked at the Marine and asked,
"What is the matter with you? Why did you do that?"

The Marine calmly replied,

"God is busy today protecting America's soldiers who are protecting your right to behave like an idiot, so He sent me."
Isn't that the best thing you've heard in a while? Please share this with all your friends as a sign of support of our troops.

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War on Easter

Update: Calling all Haloscan users - please let Haloscan know what you think of them prominently displaying this organization as one of their sponsors.

Are you a Christian? Do you believe Jesus was our Savior? Do you believe Jesus at least existed? Do you believe in respecting religions?

While people defend the Muslims being offended by the cartoons there is a silent war being waged on Christianity, and of course everyone is looking the other way. Most at the liberal left will say that it is not so; that Christians are exaggerating. Exaggerating?

Well, how about this and this? Now DARE tell me Christians are exaggerating.

That they do this during Holy Week, is beyond disrespectful. Yet you don't see the Christians rioting in the street. Actually you don't see the Christians anywhere, not even in the news. But then again, you don't see this story anywhere either, not even in the news.

Can we say double standard? Everyone covered the Mohammed Cartoons, where is the Media on this?

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US Flag - Rules and Regulations

In light of the USA Flag being used at protests, and all the flag brouhaha going on, I thought a refresher course on rules and regulations on the display and treatment of the Flag of the United States of America was in order.

Someone should direct everyone, protesters and non-protesters alike, to this page.

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State sponsored Islam in Cuba

In February, I published this post at Babalu, KillCastro wrote about it too, and Religion en Revolucion has also highlighted this situation with Musulmanes en La Habana and this update Mas en los Musulmanes.

It took 4 posts, 1 editorial and two news stories, and over two months for someone in the media to catch on as El Nuevo Herald published yesterday this story about Iran sponsored Islam in Cuba.

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Trouble Brewing in Bolivia

Did Someone Say Amnesty?

Apparently so. And this is only the beginning; consider there is only talk of immigration reform.

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Hating our Troops

Is this in the United States of America?

My heart breaks in a million pieces to think that the men and women in the military currently fighting in Iraq or Afganistan watch this and think it representative of the nation's feelings.

You can protest all you want in this country, but you have to do it with respect. This is disrespectful, in particular when you don't allow someone to exercise their CONSTITUTIONAL right.

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Protests and ANSWER - II

Yesterday I wrote this post, which caused a nice debate. There was also this other post, that talked about the involvement of a group called ANSWER in this protests - and the communist tendencies of this group and how they were using the illegal aliens to their benefit.

Well today Val has this post at Babalu, in which at least no one can deny the participation of ANSWER in this movement - at least in the NYC march - and even more so, the discrimination on behalf of ANSWER.

Then again, it seems for ANSWER all immigrants do not include the Cubans, yet it include the Puerto Ricans - which are not immigrants. I think if we study the banner closely, there are a lot of other flags missing....

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Wild and Unlikely Scenario - again?

Two weeks ago I wrote this post. At the time Stooge Chavez said that they were US driven accusations to make him look bad.

Then of course came the War Games and the US Military exercises in the Caribbean for the South Command.

Now, the story has not only evolved but reversed. You see, now Stooge Chavez is accusing the Netherlands of helping the US invade Venezuela. As if.

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Latinos are divided

I've been saying this for a while, glad to see the MSM is starting to pick it up.
"There are a lot of Hispanics that are upset about the undocumented just the same way as the Anglo population," said Barrios, a third-generation Mexican-American who traces his family's roots in Arizona to the 1870s. "That group is larger than many people would believe."

And because so much of the debate over illegal immigration comes off as anti-Hispanic, Latinos who favor greater restrictions on immigration are often reluctant to speak out.
Read more.

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Blame the Democrats

In a previous post, I discussed that the Democrats were the ones responsible for keeping the "felon" language in HR4437. Today there a story focused on this.

The Republicans in the House wanted a bill that would up the anti on illegal entry and illegal residency in the US, so HR4437 was drafted. However, before passing the bill, the Republicans - at the request of Sensenbrenner and President Bush - wanted to change the language of the bill. They wanted a misdemeanor instead of a felony for the charge. The Democrats vehemently opposed the ammendment.
However, before the House approved the legislation, Sensenbrenner offered an amendment that would have reduced the infraction from a felony to a misdemeanor. he was making the change at the request of the Bush administration to ease court procedures.

The amendment failed, with 164 votes supporting it and 257 opposed. Of those voting against it, 191 were Democrats and 65 were Republicans.
And what do the Dems have to say for themselves? That it was a strategic vote. Their strategy? To "poison" the bill, and claim that if the Republicans really wanted to pass the amendment they could've. Nice excuse.

The strategy was to make the Reps out to be the bad guys, and the Dems to look like the good guys, and I have to admit their strategy pretty much worked. In the protests, you can even see signs comparing Sensenbrenner to a Nazi.

So you see, the Democrats are the problem.

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Puerto Ricans at the DC Protest and One Illegal

My friend Julio sent these from the DC rally. Enjoy!

Different Opinions in Immigration

I've said it before, even the immigrant community is divided on this topic - there are groups at both side of the issues. I've tried for the most part to bring in discussion while trying to be fair and covering all aspects of this problem, though I admit I can't hold my opinion back.

Today, from two readers I've found two different views on the topic.

One is geared towards a resolution similar to the compromise bill. I'm not in favor of amnesty, my spouse "the immigrant" even less, but the penalties need to be more severe if such a plan is to be approved. This would be a good start.

The other view, looks at the immigration issue, from the less talked about side - the border security issue. And how the system as a whole is fraudulent, in them getting in, being able to get fraudulent documents, and sometimes even penalizing those who do play by the rules.

No one has convinced me yet, except for the agricultural jobs, that illegals do jobs Americans won't do. I think the best I've heard so far is "illegals do jobs Americans won't do for that wage", and that's when I get pissed off.

Politicians in this country, Dems and Reps alike, are pandering to the businesses and leaving the people - illegal, legal or Americans - out of the equation. Where are the penalties for the businesses who hire these illegals? For exploiting them and paying them measely wages?

If these business weren't so intent in raising and pocketing their profits - while screwing workers and consumers alike - we wouldn't have an illegal problem. Why is there not a stronger stance on this?

I will say it again for God knows what time; we need to approach this issue in the following order:
1. Border Security - secure borders, reduce influx, ALL BORDERS
2. Business - crack down on employers who employ illegals
3. Then and only then - let's figure out what to do with the 12 million plus illegals in the country.
Is our nation's security less important to the Senate than businesses?

Previous Posts:Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V

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Protests and ANSWER's Agenda

There are two posts today, that though unrelated because they are on different sites, have a common thread that every American should be aware of. I've posted before on the groups organizing these protests.

Whether you support illegals out of the nature of your heart, or you are pro-legal immigration, you must read both posts to be aware of the maneuverings going on behind closed curtains.

Keep in mind that most of these illegal aliens, have a low levels of education and literacy, so they are prime for having their minds manipulated.

The first post you need to read is about the May 1 Boycott and the ANSWER group. Lovely group the ANSWER group, don't you think? Know that you know who the red group is, and that they are behind this boycott, read this .

While you may be protesting in favor of illegals because you believe they deserve a chance, there are others supporting the protests for their own agenda - and frankly this is not good news. And I ask you, will you take part of this boycott after reading this? After seeing the communist propaganda on their site?

Think about it long and hard; by thinking you are supporting a minority group you will actually be supporting a communist anti-American group.

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The Double Standard

I'm tired of hearing that Cubans don't support immigration, that Cubans don't care because they have special status, because they think they are different; I'm even more tired of reading about the director of CANF going on TV calling for Cuban support to whatever immigration bill the Senate musters.

But you know what I'm tired of? Indifference. I see thousands marching for the rights of illegals, who mind you are illegals and as such have no rights. But where are the marches for the Cuban rights? In today's must read, The American Spectator says it best:
HERE WE HAVE one of the great ironies. The one group of emigres with the most legitimate claim for asylum is the Cubans. The one law-abiding cadre that doesn't make large demonstrations is the Cubans. The one enclave that never presses for bilingual education but works to master English without complaint is the Cubans. Well, guess what? As things stand, the proposed immigration bill leaves the Cubans missing the boat.
Homnick hits the nail in the head.
Plenty of hardy Cubans would hot-foot it here, but they get cold feet because of our "wet foot - dry foot" policy. This means that after days of baking in the sun on a makeshift raft made out of a car fender and a few pickle barrels, then swimming with labored strokes toward shore, throat parched, breathing stertorous, spirit flickering, if the Coast Guard can intercept you a foot from shore, back you go to the Communist paradise.
See this is what people forget. They always think Cubans get preferential treatment because of the Cuban Adjustment Act, but Cubans are political refugees. Look it up in the dictionary there is a difference between refugee and immigrant.

In addition the only Cubans getting the "so called preferential treatment" are those who make it here. They have to cross an ocean, 90 miles, in the sun, in a raft. Not on foot, through a border. They definitely face a bigger hurdle, yet as always, they will not be part of this immigration reform. Wet-foot/Dry-foot will still stand, discriminating against Cubans, while the US takes in all the rest. What is it that Liberty says:
Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free
Yearning to be free. Get it?

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More than 2005

Barely four months into 2006, the number of Cuban migrants to reach Cayman waters has already surpassed the number for full year of 2005. Let's see, the number of 12 months in 4 months? More Cubans are in a hurry to leave the island.

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Embargo? What Embargo?

While millions of Cubans are hungry, while the Cuban government blames the poverty of the nation on the USA Embargo - despite their heavy trade with Europe and other countries - not only did the Bearded Stooge not only bought a private plane for himself, but he has now bought five planes.

No, not for Cubana Airlines, they are not revamping the commercial flight fleet. What are the five planes for?
"use in the island's growing programs to provide social and health services to impoverished people around the region"
Excuse me? You have an empoverished nation, yet you can buy five planes to help other nations? You cannot supply internet to your population because of "lack of bandwith due to the embargo" but you can buy five Russian planes? You cry and whine about not getting the WBC money to donate to Katrina but you can buy five planes? Yes they can, and you can read it here.

The hypocrisy of the Cuban government will never cease to amaze me, but that people believe the Bearded Stooge and blame the US is just pure ignorance.

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Monday, April 10, 2006

Perú Elections

Far from having the support of Morales, Humala makes it to a second round with barely a 5% advantage over the second candidate, currently Alan Garcia. Both would square off, if the results stand. Worth mentioning is that between Alan Garcia and Lourdes Flores they got 50% of the vote combined, with Humala getting close to a 30%.

Humala is far from victorious, although he would lead everyone to believe otherwise. If the losing candidate can get their party together into an anti-Humala vote, he doesn't stand a chance.

Sites reporting: Un lobo en Perú, Off Topic

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Illegal Alien Day - April 10, 2006

Update 2: Michelle has video and pics from DC , pics from NY and a small counter protest
Picture Update: Communists in NY, DC Rally, Denver

Michelle penned it, and she was right. These are NOT pro-immigrant rallies, or pro-immigration reform protests. NO. These are pro-illegal aliens rallies; these are pro-Amnesty rallies; these are no-deporting-illegal-alien protests organized by Anti-American Domestic Terrorists.

I was going to go to the one in my state, but a lack of logistic planning, ignorance, and no transportation put a dent in my plans, so sorry no pictures. Have to admit, they did much better PR this time, as I've seen more American flags in some of the protests. Unfortunately, there are always these who insist on the take back theme and tout offending images like Che Guevara and racial slurs. You can see pictures of the march in Dallas here.

There have also been a couple of violent incidents in which one person was beaten and another had their camera destroyed. Apparently some criminal thugs decided to join the protests too.

Which reminds me, when all this started, people were PROTESTING HR4437 that criminalized illegal aliens among other things. The Republicans were made out to be the bad guys but it was the Democrats who did not want to take such harsh terms out of the bill:

It doesn't matter that an overwhelmingly majority of House Republicans voted to take the felon language out of the Sensenbrenner bill but were defeated by Democrats who cynically (but shrewdly) voted to keep the language intact.
Yup, good old Dems sticking it to the Republicans. Heck, the Dems are even OPENLY RECRUITING at these protests! And that is the heart of the problem, Republicans and Democrats alike are ONLY THINKING of the voting in November, of what to do to keep their seats - when they should be thinking what to do to keep the nation safe.

the flow of illegal immigrants has to be stopped. This is not about hiring x thousand more border agents or throwing more money at the problem. First, this means building a fence and securing the border. And second, fines and prison for employers and business owners that hire illegals. Law enforcement needs to be focused at the border and then within the country on employers, not the workers. The fact that you will not stop the illegal flow 100% misses the point and ignores the 90%-99% you will stop.
As I write this, the news will be on in a couple of hourse and we will be better able to see how the day developed.

In the meantime, call, email or FAX your Senator and let your voice be heard!

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