Thursday, April 13, 2006

War on Easter

Update: Calling all Haloscan users - please let Haloscan know what you think of them prominently displaying this organization as one of their sponsors.

Are you a Christian? Do you believe Jesus was our Savior? Do you believe Jesus at least existed? Do you believe in respecting religions?

While people defend the Muslims being offended by the cartoons there is a silent war being waged on Christianity, and of course everyone is looking the other way. Most at the liberal left will say that it is not so; that Christians are exaggerating. Exaggerating?

Well, how about this and this? Now DARE tell me Christians are exaggerating.

That they do this during Holy Week, is beyond disrespectful. Yet you don't see the Christians rioting in the street. Actually you don't see the Christians anywhere, not even in the news. But then again, you don't see this story anywhere either, not even in the news.

Can we say double standard? Everyone covered the Mohammed Cartoons, where is the Media on this?

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