Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Blame the Democrats

In a previous post, I discussed that the Democrats were the ones responsible for keeping the "felon" language in HR4437. Today there a story focused on this.

The Republicans in the House wanted a bill that would up the anti on illegal entry and illegal residency in the US, so HR4437 was drafted. However, before passing the bill, the Republicans - at the request of Sensenbrenner and President Bush - wanted to change the language of the bill. They wanted a misdemeanor instead of a felony for the charge. The Democrats vehemently opposed the ammendment.
However, before the House approved the legislation, Sensenbrenner offered an amendment that would have reduced the infraction from a felony to a misdemeanor. he was making the change at the request of the Bush administration to ease court procedures.

The amendment failed, with 164 votes supporting it and 257 opposed. Of those voting against it, 191 were Democrats and 65 were Republicans.
And what do the Dems have to say for themselves? That it was a strategic vote. Their strategy? To "poison" the bill, and claim that if the Republicans really wanted to pass the amendment they could've. Nice excuse.

The strategy was to make the Reps out to be the bad guys, and the Dems to look like the good guys, and I have to admit their strategy pretty much worked. In the protests, you can even see signs comparing Sensenbrenner to a Nazi.

So you see, the Democrats are the problem.

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