Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Different Opinions in Immigration

I've said it before, even the immigrant community is divided on this topic - there are groups at both side of the issues. I've tried for the most part to bring in discussion while trying to be fair and covering all aspects of this problem, though I admit I can't hold my opinion back.

Today, from two readers I've found two different views on the topic.

One is geared towards a resolution similar to the compromise bill. I'm not in favor of amnesty, my spouse "the immigrant" even less, but the penalties need to be more severe if such a plan is to be approved. This would be a good start.

The other view, looks at the immigration issue, from the less talked about side - the border security issue. And how the system as a whole is fraudulent, in them getting in, being able to get fraudulent documents, and sometimes even penalizing those who do play by the rules.

No one has convinced me yet, except for the agricultural jobs, that illegals do jobs Americans won't do. I think the best I've heard so far is "illegals do jobs Americans won't do for that wage", and that's when I get pissed off.

Politicians in this country, Dems and Reps alike, are pandering to the businesses and leaving the people - illegal, legal or Americans - out of the equation. Where are the penalties for the businesses who hire these illegals? For exploiting them and paying them measely wages?

If these business weren't so intent in raising and pocketing their profits - while screwing workers and consumers alike - we wouldn't have an illegal problem. Why is there not a stronger stance on this?

I will say it again for God knows what time; we need to approach this issue in the following order:
1. Border Security - secure borders, reduce influx, ALL BORDERS
2. Business - crack down on employers who employ illegals
3. Then and only then - let's figure out what to do with the 12 million plus illegals in the country.
Is our nation's security less important to the Senate than businesses?

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