Saturday, April 08, 2006

Demands - THIP Part V

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Update: Here are their demands.
If you can't understand Spanish I'll translate - Our Demands: Legalization not criminalization, Driver's license, Medical insurance for our kids (no kidding, so would I!), access to universities, stop the high cost of remittances (be grateful you can send money), Rights for workers - perhaps no one has told them that even as illegal aliens they have rights, they should consult the NLRB.

How dare they demand when they have broken the laws? They should ask NOT demand.

“We don’t want half measures, we demand an amnesty, the immediate and unconditional legalization of the 12 million undocumented workers who work in this country,” Nativo Lopez, president of the influential Mexican American Political Association (MAPA)

Excuse me? They demand? Amnesty? They broke more than one law to come and be here and they are demanding? In all honesty, they don't have a right to demand. They however have a right to ask, and ask nicely. I don't go to anyone's house and demand anything; least of all if I'm not even supposed to be there.

This bluntly put es una falta de respeto al pueblo americano; it is a slap in the face to the American people. In particular, coming from an influential member of the Mexican community, which we all assume, reflects the sentiment of all Mexicans in the USA.

Bickering between both the Republican and Democrats, killed what was called a compromise bill - the half measures referred to above. This bill, offered a fair and just, three tier amnesty that benefited those who had been here more than five years, and working for three. But apparently the votes are more important than the constituents:

"It's not gone forward because there's a political advantage for Democrats not to have an immigration bill," said Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter, R-Pa.

He said Democrats perceive a benefit in having only a GOP-written House bill that criminalizes being an illegal immigrant.
I vehemently oppose amnesty, but out of the measures I had seen so far, this at least was still giving preference to legal immigrants, and was not practically granting easy citizenship to all illegals. It also had some provisions for border security and to deter illegal immigration, that in our view still fell short.

However, the bipartisan nature of our Senate is not budging, and is neatly divided into three groups: pro-full amnesty, pro-partial amnesty and against any type of amnesty. Looking at the immigration issue is putting the cart before the horse. We need to first secure our borders. Again I say wake up senators!

The Senate needs to really listen to the American people and their constituents, those who can vote for them, those who voted them in, and understand that Amnesty rewards lawbreakers, and most Americans are against Amnesty. This does not work, just look at the many different amnesties the USA has granted which has not helped curbed immigration.

I say call your senator, write your senator, email them. Keep on them and don't let up. Whatever your opinion is make it known. And also make it known that you want this resolved NOW. Not in November after the elections. The illegal aliens are making their feelings known, and they are demanding. Why are the American people not taking the same stance to let their own government know what they want?

More on the Immigration Deal fall through here, here and here. Also, President Bush's reaction.

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