Thursday, April 06, 2006

Pork Transport Prohibited

In yet another measure to curb the Cuban creativity and innate capitalist nature, the Cuban government has prohibited the transport of pigs from Holguín into Havana. Why? Well to avoid Cubans re-selling the pork! God forbid they actually make a profit, and have money to then buy food!

However, the measure seems to have backfired as now the price of pork has sky rocketed to 25 Cuban pesos a pound ready to use and to 17 Cuban pesos the raw pound. Keep in mind a months salary for a typical Cuban is somewhere between 100-200 pesos, you are talking that ONE POUND OF PORK is about 20%-40% of your month's expenditures!

But there is a catch, you can buy the pork if you can find it!. Cubans are unhappy with the new measures since they are upset with the governments inability to stock up food for sale. For example, this months people have only been able to buy 5 pounds of rice and a few pounds of brown sugar. What the heck kind of diet is that?

If you eliminate "contraband" food, it seems we have one malnourished nation. But who cares? After all they are still selling those energy efficient rice cookers, and pots like there wasn't a problem. When the real problem is about food and the freedom to obtain it.

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