Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Double Standard

I'm tired of hearing that Cubans don't support immigration, that Cubans don't care because they have special status, because they think they are different; I'm even more tired of reading about the director of CANF going on TV calling for Cuban support to whatever immigration bill the Senate musters.

But you know what I'm tired of? Indifference. I see thousands marching for the rights of illegals, who mind you are illegals and as such have no rights. But where are the marches for the Cuban rights? In today's must read, The American Spectator says it best:
HERE WE HAVE one of the great ironies. The one group of emigres with the most legitimate claim for asylum is the Cubans. The one law-abiding cadre that doesn't make large demonstrations is the Cubans. The one enclave that never presses for bilingual education but works to master English without complaint is the Cubans. Well, guess what? As things stand, the proposed immigration bill leaves the Cubans missing the boat.
Homnick hits the nail in the head.
Plenty of hardy Cubans would hot-foot it here, but they get cold feet because of our "wet foot - dry foot" policy. This means that after days of baking in the sun on a makeshift raft made out of a car fender and a few pickle barrels, then swimming with labored strokes toward shore, throat parched, breathing stertorous, spirit flickering, if the Coast Guard can intercept you a foot from shore, back you go to the Communist paradise.
See this is what people forget. They always think Cubans get preferential treatment because of the Cuban Adjustment Act, but Cubans are political refugees. Look it up in the dictionary there is a difference between refugee and immigrant.

In addition the only Cubans getting the "so called preferential treatment" are those who make it here. They have to cross an ocean, 90 miles, in the sun, in a raft. Not on foot, through a border. They definitely face a bigger hurdle, yet as always, they will not be part of this immigration reform. Wet-foot/Dry-foot will still stand, discriminating against Cubans, while the US takes in all the rest. What is it that Liberty says:
Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free
Yearning to be free. Get it?

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