Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Embargo? What Embargo?

While millions of Cubans are hungry, while the Cuban government blames the poverty of the nation on the USA Embargo - despite their heavy trade with Europe and other countries - not only did the Bearded Stooge not only bought a private plane for himself, but he has now bought five planes.

No, not for Cubana Airlines, they are not revamping the commercial flight fleet. What are the five planes for?
"use in the island's growing programs to provide social and health services to impoverished people around the region"
Excuse me? You have an empoverished nation, yet you can buy five planes to help other nations? You cannot supply internet to your population because of "lack of bandwith due to the embargo" but you can buy five Russian planes? You cry and whine about not getting the WBC money to donate to Katrina but you can buy five planes? Yes they can, and you can read it here.

The hypocrisy of the Cuban government will never cease to amaze me, but that people believe the Bearded Stooge and blame the US is just pure ignorance.

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