Sunday, April 09, 2006

Hate Crime in NYC

A man stopped to give a homeless man a dollar. A good samaritan indeed. A group of men of a different race, who were allegedly smoking pot by a fast food restaurant, yelled racial slurs and decided to attach this man. The man, fearing for his life, ran into the street, and was ultimately hit by a car. He was in a coma for five days, after which he died.

Have you heard the story? Certainly it would qualify as a hate crime. The would be assault was racially motivated, and directly resulted in the victims death. Surprised you haven't heard, seen or read the story?

Don't be. You see the victim was WHITE and the attackers were BLACK. And what they yelled was "Get Whitey!". Whites aren't supposed to be victims of hate crimes you see; whites aren't supposed to be victims at all.

In a striking and deafening silence, the media has been MUM on this crime. Had the races been reversed - had the victim been Black, the group White and yelling "Get the N..." - I can assure you, the case would've gotten national coverage. But you see the victim was WHITE and was a MAN, so unfortunately that's a double strike against him. Had the victim been a female, we would've heard the story as well.

Michelle Malkin has more on this.

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