Sunday, April 09, 2006

Chavez's Enemy

Update 4/10 : Colombian diplomat rebuttal

No, not the United States - although that is what he wishes for. However, an article published today in El Nuevo Herald, describes a conspiracy to assassinate high ranking Venezuelan government officials in order to politically de-stabilize the country.

Where does this conspiracy comes from? Who were planning it? According to the whistleblower, none other than high ranking Colombian government officials, including the Director of the Intelligence Service, Jorge Noguera.

Who is the whistleblower? Former director of the MIS department of the Colombian Department of Security.

Truth? False? Judge for yourself. The article is in Spanish. If true, this would mean that not only has Chavez been spewing his venom in the wrong direction - although I'm sure somehow "the US was funding this conspiracy", just wait - but it also brings a major strain to the relations between two neighboring countries.

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