Monday, April 10, 2006

Spanish-American War - Again?

According to The Spain Herald, the idea of a new Spanish-American War is not that far fetched; in particular, when Castro dies.
"The principal adversary of Spanish interests in Cuba is the US, not the Castro dictatorship, and Spain should put anti-American policies into practice, even feeding anti-imperialist forces inside the island so that, when the time comes, American penetration of Cuba will be more difficult."
Those were the instructions from Carlos Zaldivas, Spain's ambassador to Cuba, in light of the recent rumors of Castro's death. Read the article here.

Get it? According to this, Spain want practically to "reconquest" Cuba in order to "protect their interests". What interests? The couple of hotels and businesses they have there? Those should be protected by international law, but then again, they don't really own anything, all property ultimately belongs to the government.

Does this mean that Spain would support continuing a dictatorship, in order to preserve its economic interests? My God, did the Franco experience not teach them anything?

Since this is a government recommendation, I'd like to know what Spaniards think of this; and if they would support Spain taking such position in the case of Castro's death. Any of my Spanish readers want to comment?

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