Monday, April 10, 2006

Illegal Alien Day - April 10, 2006

Update 2: Michelle has video and pics from DC , pics from NY and a small counter protest
Picture Update: Communists in NY, DC Rally, Denver

Michelle penned it, and she was right. These are NOT pro-immigrant rallies, or pro-immigration reform protests. NO. These are pro-illegal aliens rallies; these are pro-Amnesty rallies; these are no-deporting-illegal-alien protests organized by Anti-American Domestic Terrorists.

I was going to go to the one in my state, but a lack of logistic planning, ignorance, and no transportation put a dent in my plans, so sorry no pictures. Have to admit, they did much better PR this time, as I've seen more American flags in some of the protests. Unfortunately, there are always these who insist on the take back theme and tout offending images like Che Guevara and racial slurs. You can see pictures of the march in Dallas here.

There have also been a couple of violent incidents in which one person was beaten and another had their camera destroyed. Apparently some criminal thugs decided to join the protests too.

Which reminds me, when all this started, people were PROTESTING HR4437 that criminalized illegal aliens among other things. The Republicans were made out to be the bad guys but it was the Democrats who did not want to take such harsh terms out of the bill:

It doesn't matter that an overwhelmingly majority of House Republicans voted to take the felon language out of the Sensenbrenner bill but were defeated by Democrats who cynically (but shrewdly) voted to keep the language intact.
Yup, good old Dems sticking it to the Republicans. Heck, the Dems are even OPENLY RECRUITING at these protests! And that is the heart of the problem, Republicans and Democrats alike are ONLY THINKING of the voting in November, of what to do to keep their seats - when they should be thinking what to do to keep the nation safe.

the flow of illegal immigrants has to be stopped. This is not about hiring x thousand more border agents or throwing more money at the problem. First, this means building a fence and securing the border. And second, fines and prison for employers and business owners that hire illegals. Law enforcement needs to be focused at the border and then within the country on employers, not the workers. The fact that you will not stop the illegal flow 100% misses the point and ignores the 90%-99% you will stop.
As I write this, the news will be on in a couple of hourse and we will be better able to see how the day developed.

In the meantime, call, email or FAX your Senator and let your voice be heard!

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