Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Protests and ANSWER's Agenda

There are two posts today, that though unrelated because they are on different sites, have a common thread that every American should be aware of. I've posted before on the groups organizing these protests.

Whether you support illegals out of the nature of your heart, or you are pro-legal immigration, you must read both posts to be aware of the maneuverings going on behind closed curtains.

Keep in mind that most of these illegal aliens, have a low levels of education and literacy, so they are prime for having their minds manipulated.

The first post you need to read is about the May 1 Boycott and the ANSWER group. Lovely group the ANSWER group, don't you think? Know that you know who the red group is, and that they are behind this boycott, read this .

While you may be protesting in favor of illegals because you believe they deserve a chance, there are others supporting the protests for their own agenda - and frankly this is not good news. And I ask you, will you take part of this boycott after reading this? After seeing the communist propaganda on their site?

Think about it long and hard; by thinking you are supporting a minority group you will actually be supporting a communist anti-American group.

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