Thursday, April 27, 2006

Puerto Rico coming to a halt

Update: The governor was slated to meet with the Controller and opposition leader Jose Aponte.  He stood both of them up and instead went to a gossip TV Show "La Comay" to whine and bash Roselló some more.  We can really see "his interest" in resolving this issue.

So the illegals have threatened to bring the US to a halt.  Bid Deal.

Puerto Rico is at the brink of being bankrupt and coming to a complete halt on Monday due to lack of funds, and a $1 billion deficit.    Government offices will close and people will not get paid.  Residents might not even get their Tax Refund as the governor wants to "borrow" it to cover expenses.

Among the casualties, would be the Department of Education.  Yes you read right.  This means that student will have their last class this Friday, not being able to finish their year, and not being able to graduate, until this financial crisis is resolved.  And you think the US has a deficit problem?  At least the offices here don't close, and people are still getting paid.

Now you can blame whomever you want.  Some people like to blame ex-governor Pedro Roselló, who was accused of stealing money when he left office.  Charges have never been brought as there has been no evidence to charge him with.  In addition, he left office 6 years ago.

The last 6 years have seen the PPD (pro-commonwealth) in power - Sila M. Calderón the first woman governor (what a shame!) and Anibal Acevedo Vilá who was elected as the less of two evils.  Pedro Roselló was running against him.  So the PPD has had 6 years to have taken care of whatever the PNP (pro-statehood) did previously.

So they are now at a crossroads, and the governor is verbally attacking and blaming everyone except himself.  Even more so, he is blackmailing the Senators into approving HIS budget, which they oppose.

While the governor hails insults in reggaeton lingo, so unbecoming of the position of GOVERNOR, and finds a deadlock with the Senate, the country's credit goes down the drain, government offices close, and Puerto Rico stands to loose millions in Federal Aid to the Department of Education as well as certain autonomy.  It is still beyond me how the Department of Education was NOT selected as one of the offices to maintain open.

May 1st, while the illegal immigrants here in the mainland will be boycotting the very hand that feeds them and lobbies for their legalization (American Businesses), Puerto Ricans will be taking the streets in protest of their government, in a true exercise of their freedom of speech and democracy.

I ask Puerto Ricans living in PR to take it a step further, and to ask for the resignation of Anibal Acevedo Vila, who has proven within the first two years of his mandate that he is not fit to lead the country, nor to manage it.

It is a sad, sad day in Puerto Rico, when the government forgets they owe themselves to the people and not the other way around. 

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