Monday, July 31, 2006

Breaking News

Update: Babalu has more.

Via Marathon Pundit, The Bearded Stooge has temporarily relinquished power to brother Raul, while the Beard undergoes surgery.

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The Hunger Strike

With irrelevant hunger strikes being hyped by the media - Sheehan and Hussein - while real hunger strikes - such as Guillermo Fariñas - go unnoticed, I decided to type hunger strike into Google News.

The result? Another unnoticed real hunger strike; so real that this Akbar Mohammadi died from it.

How come this isn't getting any play in the news?

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Sunday, July 30, 2006

The True Face of Hezbollah

Update 2: Civilians died in Qana yesterday. While the MSM condems Israel for the airstrike, I'll play conspiracy theorist - not everything is as it seems and not all Libanese blame Israel. And honestly, this is more believable than the WTC conspiracy. Golda Meier was right:

there will be peace in the Middle East when Muslims and Arabs love their children more than they hate the Jews.

Update 1: For some reason the pictures below are not showing up; please click on them which will take you to their original posts where you can view them. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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Some days ago I posted my take on the Hezbollah-Israel war. One of the readers questioned the accuracy of Israel waging a targeted war, and another mentioned the civilian deaths.

I give you the face of Hezbollah. Were you expecting uniforms? Easily identifiable gear? Headdress perhaps? Waging flags? Nope. Dressed as civilians, so the can blend in and have Israel kill civilians. These people don't care about innocent civilians.

People seem to forget that these radicals are like communists; they make sure to put women and children (ie. civilians) in danger zones, so they can get good press. They depend heavily on waging a public relations campaign at the same time they wage a war. Israel on the other hand, tries to protect its civilians, tries to target their bombings and shies away from publicity.

People are accusing the Israelis of being like Hitler; yet it is Hezbollah who is emulating the Nazis:

This cartoon sums it best:

Like they say a picture is worth a thousand words.

(H/T Michelle Malkin, Debbie Schlussel)

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Help a Graduate Student

Do you have a favorite store? Is there one place you prefer to shop? If so, please fill out this survey - it only takes 10 minutes - and you will be helping me get my degree!!!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Happy Anniversary

Three years ago today, 26th of July 2003, I got married.  So today is my 3rd anniversary and I will be out and about celebrating with my spouse.

What?  Some Bearded Stooge celebrates the imprisonment of an island?  Well, as far as I'm concerned he's a deranged lunatic.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Castro's Tormentors

Are not limited to the Miami Cuban Mafia.

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Friday, July 21, 2006

40th Birthday

Remember Ultraman? Well he's turning 40 and he's having a party.

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Veteran Cuban Dissident in Hospital

Like Eusebio Peñalver, he was first part of the Revolución- wanting to topple Batista. He was even on the assault on Moncada - the 26th of July.

He now heads the illegal Human Rights Cuban Committee - Gustavo Arcos Bergnes, the most veteran of the Cuban dissidents, has been hospitalized with pneumonia.

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Immigration Frustration

With nothing moving on the immigration issue, frustrated state legislatures are taking matters into their own hands. And if you think states have no authority or jurisdiction to take on immigration issues, think again:
"States certainly have the right to determine how to regulate identification, they can regulate instate tuition, and use of their own employment law, said Sherri Steisel, a lawyer with the National Council of State Legislatures.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Israel, Hezbollah and Me

Most Americans have watched the recent conflict between Israel and Hamas - two soldiers kidnapped in a Hamas led incursion into Israeli territory - and between Israel and Hezbollah - another two soldiers kidnapped in a Hezbollah led incursion into Israeli territory. These were acts of aggression against a neighboring country, a mini invasion of sorts, which have led Israel to defend itself. Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia are at least placing the blame in the right place this time. As is Lebanon, although perhaps a bit too late.

Michelle Malkin expressed it best:

Sheeple thought of the day: "Hezbollah is not my problem."
As she very well explains at her site and her column, it is our problem and we should all be worried. After all Hezbollah is here in the U.S.A. They have supporters here who have been demonstrating at San Francisco and NY. And no, I'm not talking about Lebanese nationals protesting in front of the Israeli embassy - that would be understandable. I'm talking about a show of support for a terrorist group such as Hezbollah.

But maybe some of you do not know who Hezbollah is. This should tell you all you need to know, including the numbers of Americans soldiers and Argentinean civilians killed by this group during the 90's. I understand that Lebanese nationals and civilians are not responsible for the attack, but the Lebanese government is responsible for not disarming a radical terrorist group and categorizing it under "national resistance". The Lebanese government is responsible for allowing Hezbollah into the political arena and into the government - out of fear.

However there are some Lebanese who support Isreal actions. Most prominent is Brigitte Gabriel who states:

As sad as I feel watching what is happening in Lebanon, it is absolutely necessary to support Israel to kill the cancer that has spread and is killing the Lebanese body. Israel is not targeting civilians. Israel is targeting terrorists. Israel has launched 3000 air strikes on Lebanon since the beginning of the Operation and inflicted only 122 casualties. If Israel's intention was to kill civilians you would have seen many more civilian deaths than only 122. They are being extremely careful, even dropping flyers and urging civilians to leave before they bomb. These casualties are terrorists and terrorist families and sympathizers.

Few of you know I am married to a Jew, and my mother in law is a member of the International Zionist Organization at her home country. Needless to say they are currently being threatened and under siege - my own family's lives being threatened. Hezbollah and Hamas members have already demonstrated in front of her office and in front of the Israeli embassy. Again these are not Lebanese nationals protesting; these are terrorists organizations whose main goal is the destruction of Israel and the annihilation of Jews. Sort of the second coming of Hitler.

And to add insult to injury, Debbie Schlussel reports that most American in Lebanon being evacuated are Hezbollah supporters...and their evacuations are being funded by our tax money. If this is true, I would leave any Hezbollah supporter in Lebanon.

Radical Muslims denounce genocide, but what the heck is it to want to kill an entire group based solely on their religion? Isn't that somewhat hypocritical? But what can we expect, when these radical groups are going to the extent of subtly altering the text in the Quoran to fit their agenda (click on the Launch icon to the right of the story to watch the video); to fit the beliefs they profess and even worse - to give them a holy blessing. I mean, what Jew wouldn't follow the word of the Torah? What Christian wouldn't follow the Bible?

Am I pro-Israel? Funny you should ask. Yes I am, have always been and always will be. I believe Israel has a right to exist. I believe Palestine has a right to exist. And I believe they should all exist peacefully. But who are we kidding, when this conflict has been going on for centuries and will only end when the world ends. For an Egyptian perspective, and a great roundup of blogs on this conflict go to Big Pharaoh.

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Fariñas Harrassed in Hospital

Remember him? The Cubanacan Press director? The independent journalist in Cuba in a hunger strike for SIX months in order to gain the right to freely access the Internet and use his email?

He's been IV fed for a while now and kept barely alive in a hospital. However, all that could end. Why? Because Fariñas is threatening to have the IV removed unless he is given a room where he can have visitors and a phone that works.

His mother tells EFE the story, in Spanish via El Nuevo Herald.

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Monday, July 17, 2006

Chavez's Promises

He promised to eliminate the rich class, disappear poverty and give everyone a home.

He just didn't say he would create a new rich class and give other countries the homes.

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Lady in White comments on White House Cuban Report

A year ago, while visiting Mami in Miami, she told us about "plans" to help Cuba when The Bearded Stooge was no longer in power. My spouse and I were hesitant about these "transition" plans and some of the motivations behind them. But most of all, we kept thinking about the Cubans - how would they feel to all these people coming in and telling them what to do?

We understand Cuba will need a lot of help when freed - not only in money but in human resources as well. It will take a long time to undue what has been done not only physically to the island, but also to undo all the psychological and sociological damage that has been inflicted onto an entire population. But it also must be protected from all those who will flee to the island with only one motivation - money - and who couldn't care less about the welfare of the Cuban people.

This past week, when the White House Report on Cuba came out, some bloggers were disappointed while Cuba had ammunition. And once again no one thought about the Cubans and what their wants and their needs are. After all, this is a foreign government making decisions about their home, their country and their lives.

However, Cuban dissidents do not remain silent, and Miriam Leiva - founding member of the Ladies in White - certainly has a thing or two to say about such report: We Cubans must decide. Read the whole thing.

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Friday, July 14, 2006

Dead Fidel?

Update 7/20: The Bearded Stooge is alive.

Many speculations have been floating around - is The Bearded Stooge finally dead? No one knows for sure, but no one can contact anyone on the island to know for sure. This is not the first time The Bearded Stooge "dies"

So much has been the speculation that various bloggers have commented about it. Val at Babalú has the latest round-up of news and updates. Malkin yesterday had the round-up of other bloggers, and even The Jawa Report posted about The Bearded Stooge having met his maker. The Real Cuba received an email "confirming" the rumors.

We are all wondering, is there anyone out there with the information to put these rumors to bed?

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CITGO decides to abandon 10 states. In Spanish here. Should we be worried? Is the company that important that it could affect the US supply?

Venezuela exports around 75% of its production to the United States. In comparison, the U.S. buys about 20% of their oil needs from Venezuela. Not a trivial amount, but not a make or break amount either.

I've always believed that if Venezuela decided to cut the U.S. off, Venezuela stands to lose much more than the U.S. would especially now that some states (at least most of New England) are offering its customers "green energy" for their homes - windmill, hydro electric, etc.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Dissident Brutally Assassinated

Via Ya No Mas, the unreported story of a Cuban dissident brutally assassinated for opposing the government. (H/T Free Thoughts)

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A Step in the Right Direction

Colorado approved legislation that will make it harder for illegal immigrants over 18 to get specific government benefits such as Medicaid, Medicare and unemployment - by requiring them to prove legal residency. It is expected to affect 50,000 illegal immigrants.

The bill is awaiting Gov. Owens' signature. And surprise, both houses in Colorado are dominated by Democrats. Of course, Republicans are claiming the bill is not tough enough, but as I say in Spanish "todo progreso es progreso" which loosely translated is "all progress is progress."

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Monday, July 10, 2006

Cuba's Own Embargo

U.S. Trade Embargo? Heh. Cuba creates its own embargo.

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Friday, July 07, 2006

30 Cuban Doctors Defect in Bolivia

Update 7/11: Via The Devil's Excrement the stunning admission that more than 4,000 Cuban doctos have defected out of Venezuela. H/T Babalú

Via and The Real Cuba, it seems 30 of the 1,000 Cuban doctors sent to Bolivia have taken refuge in Santa Cruz - the same city that overwhelmingly voted for autonomy.

The doctors are being harbored by free Cubans who reside in Bolivia while they wait to see what happens. Most interestingly, they reported that more than 500 Cuban doctors have already defected in Venezuela.

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True Courage

I've posted many times about Guillermo Fariñas, the independent journalist in Cuba now five months into a hunger strike for his right to freely access the Internet. Today the Bradenton Herald has a beautiful editorial on this man and his unrelentless courage and defiance to a regime that violates every human right in existence.
In a nation where freedom is against the law, where the slightest dissent can be met with a knock on the door by the secret police, some of the bravest outlaws in Fidel Castro's Cuba are its independent journalists. Each day, they put at risk what little liberty they enjoy to report the reality of the regime and of life under dictatorship. It is dangerous duty, and they know it, remembering each day the more than two dozen of their colleagues imprisoned in Castro's gulag.

In one dramatic instance, there is a Cuban journalist ready to die for the right to tell his stories.

Read the entire editorial, it is worth your time.

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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Independence Day 2006

Monday, July 03, 2006

Elections in Bolivia

Morales managed to get a majority of seats for his party for the assembly but felt short of his goal attaining 132 out of 255 seats: about 53%, a far cry from his expected 66%.

In addition four of Bolivia's nine states, including Santa Cruz, voted for greater political and economical autonomy; Santa Cruz's vote was 78% in favor of autonomy.

More here in English and here in Spanish.

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Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Cuban Spring

Update: Dean's take and Val respectfully finds a flaw in the argument.

I almost choked on my cafecito when browsing for news I found a piece from Oswaldo Payá on The Washington Post. Yes. The. Washington. Post. And Yes. Oswaldo. Payá.

While what Oswaldo writes is not news to us, it puts front and center in a newspaper in the U.S. their battle for social democracy such as Europe and Chile. My favorite quote of the piece:
What Cuba needs is many voices around the world that demand the freedom of political prisoners and support this path for Cuba.
You may not agree with or trust Oswaldo Payá; but he is absolutely 100% correct on what Cuba needs - voices around the world. Now go read.

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