Monday, November 17, 2008

Comic Relief

I like people who can laugh at themselves; I do and it is very liberating. This new Samsung commercial has to be the funniest moment of someone laughing at themselves. And yes the phone is cool too.

Go. See. It.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sore Losers

Gays in California are protesting, and even worse are supported by the Governator.

While I understand their first amendment right to free speech, they are sore losers. Prop 8 went to the ballot - for the second time mind you - this time to ensure it would be on the states constitution. And for the second time voters in California voted against same-sex marriages.

And for the second time, the losing side has opted to challenge it in court. What is the purpose of bringing something to a vote if you are not going to abide by its results if they are not what you expected?

Imagine if Republicans reacted as gays have, with marches and protests, refusing to abide by the election results. Much like Lopez Obrador did in Mexico when he lost to Calderon, when he took his supporters to the streets and said he was going to have a parallel government.

Can you imagine the negative press Republicans would endure? How come these activists are not enjoying negative press? Even worse, some of these activists speak about tolerance while directing hate, vitriol and vandalism to those who voted against same sex marriages.

I believe the root of the problem here is that supporters of same sex marriages cannot fathom how the same people that voted for Obama voted against same sex marriages. Surprise, surprise, Blacks and Latinos are not that keen to the idea. Then again neither is Biden so I don't know why the shock.

In short, do not be sore losers. You lost, for the second time. Now shut up and take your fight to a state that hasn't made up its mind yet. Your other option is to give up on using the word marriage, which is really what most people have a problem with.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Exteme Makeover - Republican Edition

Though I voted for Bush both times, I have to admit the second time was less enthusiastic than the first. It was apparent to me, all through his second term that his "compassionate conservative" approach and the Republican platform were checked at a door somewhere. All of a sudden, we had a Republican president acting more like a Democrat with every passing day.

Americans, as we say in Spanish, gave him the bill by overwhelmingly voting anti-Republican in 2006 and this year's election. Finally, all of a sudden, the grassroots Republicans calling for a return to Republican ideals have found an ear to listen to them as everyone else's eyes within the party have been opened to exactly how far we have diverged from our platform and ideals - mainly smaller government and less spending.

I am glad to see, and fully support, that Michael Steele is running for the chairmanship of the RNC. Like the Democrats, Republicans need to bring new and young people into the party so that we don't see the same people over and over again - which is why I will not support Newt if he runs for the chairmanship.

Michael Steele's history embodies what the Republican party stands for - work hard and reap rewards. He is not afraid to say he is conservative, and will be quick to state that the term is not a perjorative. Besides, he truly believes in the Republican platform and as an ex-seminarist and practicing Catholic undesrtands the social justice aspects of politics as well as supporting a pro-life position.

Godspeed Michael Steele.

The Absence of Change

Most of the MSM has been reported the lack of "change" so far in president-elect Obama's actions - from surrounding himself with old DC staples and clintonites to the rumor of maintaining the political office in the White House (Karl Rove's old ground).

Maybe, this was the change he was talking about. All humor aside, as a fan of social media technology and how it is changing marketing and how we communicate, I think it is way cool. It won't make me watch, then again I never listened to President Bush's either but I do believe curiosity will make most people go and listen.

Perhaps his legacy, though too soon to say, will be getting more Americans involved in the political process. That in itself, would be worth having him as POTUS.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

On the Wrong Foot

Update: I think I'm going to pass out..

Much has been made of Obama's first cabinet member Rahm Emanuel. As a new administration comes in, I step back and wait to see what is done and what isn't done.

After all his "middle class" hype, and accusing McCain of serving corporate interests, I'm highly disappointed to see Rahm's first order of business be yet another bailout. I understand the risks of letting GM go under, but I have some questions for Rahm, Harry and Nancy:

1. Do we have a guarantee that if we bail GM and the auto industry out, they won't go under anyway?

2. Do we have a guarantee that they will be able to pay the government back?

3. With a trillion plus deficit is it really good policy to promote a bailout for which we as a country have to borrow the money from the IMF or even worse, not so friendly countries?

4. Will the government bail me out of my student loans? That would certainly help me spend more money

5. What the heck happened to protecting the middle class, and all those "kitchen table" discussions?

6. Do we have a plan for all the unemployed workers should this bailout if passed fail?

I'm sorry, but with the economy in shambles, people strapped for money, three corporate bailouts and counting, when are the Democrats going to focus on the little guy? I say let GM and everyone else go. Focus on the long term; be proactive for a change instead of reactive.

The US as a country needs to find a new industry it can call its own. It has to be an industry that cannot be replaced by machines. The auto industry lost its fight long ago, when exports became of better quality. Design a plan Mr. President Elect that will move us forward in the long term, even if we have to gird our loins in the short term. It will be a better legacy than another bailout, that more than likely will fail while increasing our debt.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Voter Intimidation

Chavez has said he'd "take out the tanks" if the opposition wins the elections in one of Venezuela's states. In other words, vote for my people or I'll launch an attack and put them in the government anyway.

And this guys manages to say he follows a democratic process with a straight face.

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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Great News!

I have a job! It starts Fall 2009 and it was the school I wanted, so I couldn't be happier!

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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Following the Election

I'm following two elections, and it seems the results will be split.

First I"m following PR's governor's election where (Thank God) it seems the incumbent governor will be left out in the cold. Maybe with this the economy will pick up a bit and I can finally sell my father's condo.

Second, as are we all, I'm following the presidential election. Unlike many of my liberal friends who will be ecstatic to see McCain lose or devastated if Obama does not win, I'll be hopeful no matter who wins. I believe in a higher power (God) and trust him to allow the best man for the next four years to win. And if the winner is not good, well then four years from now will get to vote again.

I just don't get these fanatics. It seems people in the extreme left hate the right wing candidates sometimes more than the extreme right hates the left wing candidates. In any case I don't hate anyone - I don't get that much invested in politicians. They are after all human just like us.