Wednesday, February 27, 2008


CAUTION: Graphic image

This has nothing to do with Cuba, the Election, or politics. It has everything to do with being an unethical sport player. The guy that did this should be banned from ever playing again.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I've been working on an OpEd piece on why Sen. Specter should stay out of Spygate and let the NFL rule itself, when all hell broke lose b/c fifo resigned. Babalu today has a post with reaction links from around the blogosphere.

I was in Jersey visiting family, preparing my morning coffee for the drive back when my cousin's husband (they are really my mother's cousins to give you an age perspective) came out with the news. Immediately the kitchen was abuzz between my husband, mother in law, my cousin, her husband and I.

To make a long story short, neither one of us thinks this is a big deal or would change anything. Well, all except for my husband who thinks that Palistroque and Lage, or someone else, might try a coup against Raulito. Me? It's no secret Raulito has always been a fan of the Chinese model. He might throw the Cuban people a bone, so as to be able to keep the repression going.

Most Cubans today, all they know is the Revolution. They've been indoctrinated into Revolution good USA bad. Those that have access to outside information, prefer to remain in their country living off the remittances of their families outside Cuba. Why should they leave? If they can improve their standard of life and stay in their own country, many people will opt for silence - or better said, life. I'm sure people in Cuba are very well aware of what happens to those who go against the government. After all, the Cuba machines makes an effort to remind them forcibly every now and then - El Maleconazo, Primavera Negra, Cambio.

So what does this all mean? Maybe it's the first step into the right direction. Maybe this is the first pebble that falls of the wall and creates an unbalance for other pebbles to fall. It is clear that Cubans will not rise against fifo; it is not so clear if Cubans will do the same for Raulito.

While the world has the inevitable lovefest of fifo the messiah that saved Cuba from being the USA whorehouse - the biggest propaganda created by the left - as my family and I educate my mother in law in debunking all the lies she was fed in Latin America, as we keep on our fight to print the truth, while we barely manage to keep from spitting our coffees when watching the news we see that after all fifo was right on one thing - history will absolve him. It already has, and that is the real shame.

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Friday, February 15, 2008

Why I'm not a Parishioner at Christ the King

When we first moved here, the search for a Catholic Church ensued. I found a little chapel two blocks from our first house, that was part of a larger parish St. Francis of Assisi. I fell in love not only with the chapel, but with the community and the two priests that headed the parish.

A year later we moved to a property on campus. So I did the student thing an explored the church on campus Christ the King. The pastor of the church rubbed me the wrong way from the beginning. His stance of various things, was in my opinion, contrary to the Catholic teachings - and to top it off he was so vocal I found it offensive. I vowed I'd rather miss mass than go there again.

I stuck with St. Francis and its wonderful community. I'm very glad I did.

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Breaking News

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Defending the Marines

Remeber this nonsense? Well the lunatics in SF - and I'm sorry but they are lunatics - didn't let up. Led by Code Pink incorporated, they kept protesting and harassing Marines and recruits and accusing them of Murder.

Well, thank God not everybody thinks the same way, and some Marine supporters went on to counter protest across the street from the Pinkos. Some outlets reported the counter protesters being attacked by Pinkos. The backlash has forced the city council to back down.

Here, in this site, we support our military forces 100% and whole heartedly. Like I've said before, you can be antiwar and still support the military. These folks are anti military, and would like nothing more than to see our military disbanded.

For more complete coverage you can visit Michelle.

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Calling a Bluff

So Chavez decided to call his bluff and stop selling crude to the US.

Scratch that. Chavez decided to stop selling crude to Exxon Mobil.

You gotta give it to him, he came through on this threats - even if it was just a quarter of the way. What happened to all the hoopla of cutting the oil to the US? I'm guessing his financial advisers showed him the numbers and they found the option that wouldn't hurt Venezuela....which probably hurts the US even less.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I've never approved of booing; I find it in very poor taste whether it is an opponent or one of your own.

But booing at an all star? Boo Belichick if you want, but the players? C'mon show some sportsmanship.

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Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Update: So far I've received $150; It's a great start but I know there are more of you out there!
I mentioned it before and now it is here. I am officially a member of Team in Training, and am racing for a cause. In my case I'm racing a Triathlon - yes you read right - and have committed myself to raising quite a hefty total of donations.

Please visit my donations page and show your support. All the money raised goes towards research and to help cover the expenses of patients. It is a good organization that is making a big difference in the lives of patients.

I urge you to be as generous as you can and to forward the link or this post to as many people as you know or to post it on your own blogs . I need as much help as I can get, in order to complete this race and aid cancer patients.

Thank you in advance for all your help and your financial and emotional support!!!!

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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Scientists Playing God

This is just way to weird for me, even if it can be of help. There has to be a limit as to how much humans get involved in the creation of life.


Communism welcomes income tax

So much for no-tax communism. Now top paid state employees will feel the brunt of instant taxes.

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Dry Feet

We got 32 dry feet at Key Biscayne this morning.

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A Hero's Welcome

Fans braced the cold and went to the airport to make sure that the team was still appreciated and that we were proud of their season. I think this is the best they could've done.

However, let this loss be a lesson to the following people:
Kraft boy and his BOD - filing for a 19-0 trademark before the AFC Championship?
Boston Globe - taking orders for a 19-0 season book?
Tom Merino - announcing parade and victory parties?
Did we learn nothing from the 2003 Eagles? The 1986 World Series?
Bill - please, remain a dick and keep wearing your gray hoodie. Jovial, giddy, nice and a red hoodie do not agree with you.

Pats, thanks for a wonderful season and for the chance to dream. See you all at mini-camp.

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Monday, February 04, 2008


The Pats lost the Super Bowl. It wouldn't have hurt as much if we weren't going for the perfect season as well. I would've much rather have lost a game in the season and have won the Super Bowl. The kids deserved to win. Junior Seau deserved his ring. But, the Giants played better.

Somehow I knew this was going to be the end result, though I didn't want to admit it. However, I will forever hold Belichick responsible for not settling for a field goal and instead going on 4 and 13. That field goal would've sent us to over time.

People that hated us got what they wanted - to see the Pats lose. I hope they are satisfied and we will hear no more of this Spygate thing. And please Sen. Specter, what the hell does the government have to do in this? Is this what Pennsylvanians want you to do with their tax money?

There is always next year. My only hope is that with this loss, the whole Spygate thing will be put to rest.

Congrats to the Pats on a great season. And congrats to the Giants for winning.

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Friday, February 01, 2008


I don't care what your position is regarding the war. You have a right be either pro or against, and you have a right to voice your opinion.

What you don't have is the right to attack the military over a war that was not their decision, nor is it their fault. And these people say they support troops? Please. More and more these antiwar protests are becoming anti-military protests. Our military is a good, brave, solid group of men and women that do not deserve to be blames for something on which they had no bearing. But what else can you expect from the likes of Code Pink.

Grow up people. Either be honest about your opinions - that you hate the military - or go protest against the correct people. In the meantime, learn that while the First Ammendment protects your right to free speech, in doesn't protect you against irresponsible use of it.

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