Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A Hero's Welcome

Fans braced the cold and went to the airport to make sure that the team was still appreciated and that we were proud of their season. I think this is the best they could've done.

However, let this loss be a lesson to the following people:
Kraft boy and his BOD - filing for a 19-0 trademark before the AFC Championship?
Boston Globe - taking orders for a 19-0 season book?
Tom Merino - announcing parade and victory parties?
Did we learn nothing from the 2003 Eagles? The 1986 World Series?
Bill - please, remain a dick and keep wearing your gray hoodie. Jovial, giddy, nice and a red hoodie do not agree with you.

Pats, thanks for a wonderful season and for the chance to dream. See you all at mini-camp.

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