Monday, November 07, 2005

First off, please excuse the Che Guevara T-Shirts ad.....they are automatic by Google and somehow I knew this was going to happen; I will be taking them down. Been away for a while, and interesting stories have developed that we most address. Let's start with El Tirano himself: Se prepara Cuba para votación contra EEUU en la ONU . We all know he's been ranting and raving about this for the past month, but it begs the question WHAT EMBARGO? Read on for this supposed blockade that kills the Cuban economy, but does not include bare necessities like food. I just love it how information gets manipulated. Speaking of manipulations, this is by far the biggest hypocrisy and travesty I've seen recently: Ozzie Guillen and his trip to Venezuela with the MLB World Series Trophy just know Chavez is going to milk the shit out of that one. Now how fucked up is this? Ozzie supports Chavez, but lives very well off and very free in the "capitalist imperial nation of Mr. Bush" and Chavez is basically going to exalt the fact that this supporter of his, made it in the US!!!!!! Is somebody here on Heroin? Can't they not see their own inconsistencies? And while you may be thinking, Fidel hasn't trained him right, think again; the persecution has begun.