Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I've been working on an OpEd piece on why Sen. Specter should stay out of Spygate and let the NFL rule itself, when all hell broke lose b/c fifo resigned. Babalu today has a post with reaction links from around the blogosphere.

I was in Jersey visiting family, preparing my morning coffee for the drive back when my cousin's husband (they are really my mother's cousins to give you an age perspective) came out with the news. Immediately the kitchen was abuzz between my husband, mother in law, my cousin, her husband and I.

To make a long story short, neither one of us thinks this is a big deal or would change anything. Well, all except for my husband who thinks that Palistroque and Lage, or someone else, might try a coup against Raulito. Me? It's no secret Raulito has always been a fan of the Chinese model. He might throw the Cuban people a bone, so as to be able to keep the repression going.

Most Cubans today, all they know is the Revolution. They've been indoctrinated into Revolution good USA bad. Those that have access to outside information, prefer to remain in their country living off the remittances of their families outside Cuba. Why should they leave? If they can improve their standard of life and stay in their own country, many people will opt for silence - or better said, life. I'm sure people in Cuba are very well aware of what happens to those who go against the government. After all, the Cuba machines makes an effort to remind them forcibly every now and then - El Maleconazo, Primavera Negra, Cambio.

So what does this all mean? Maybe it's the first step into the right direction. Maybe this is the first pebble that falls of the wall and creates an unbalance for other pebbles to fall. It is clear that Cubans will not rise against fifo; it is not so clear if Cubans will do the same for Raulito.

While the world has the inevitable lovefest of fifo the messiah that saved Cuba from being the USA whorehouse - the biggest propaganda created by the left - as my family and I educate my mother in law in debunking all the lies she was fed in Latin America, as we keep on our fight to print the truth, while we barely manage to keep from spitting our coffees when watching the news we see that after all fifo was right on one thing - history will absolve him. It already has, and that is the real shame.

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