Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Following the Election

I'm following two elections, and it seems the results will be split.

First I"m following PR's governor's election where (Thank God) it seems the incumbent governor will be left out in the cold. Maybe with this the economy will pick up a bit and I can finally sell my father's condo.

Second, as are we all, I'm following the presidential election. Unlike many of my liberal friends who will be ecstatic to see McCain lose or devastated if Obama does not win, I'll be hopeful no matter who wins. I believe in a higher power (God) and trust him to allow the best man for the next four years to win. And if the winner is not good, well then four years from now will get to vote again.

I just don't get these fanatics. It seems people in the extreme left hate the right wing candidates sometimes more than the extreme right hates the left wing candidates. In any case I don't hate anyone - I don't get that much invested in politicians. They are after all human just like us.