Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sore Losers

Gays in California are protesting, and even worse are supported by the Governator.

While I understand their first amendment right to free speech, they are sore losers. Prop 8 went to the ballot - for the second time mind you - this time to ensure it would be on the states constitution. And for the second time voters in California voted against same-sex marriages.

And for the second time, the losing side has opted to challenge it in court. What is the purpose of bringing something to a vote if you are not going to abide by its results if they are not what you expected?

Imagine if Republicans reacted as gays have, with marches and protests, refusing to abide by the election results. Much like Lopez Obrador did in Mexico when he lost to Calderon, when he took his supporters to the streets and said he was going to have a parallel government.

Can you imagine the negative press Republicans would endure? How come these activists are not enjoying negative press? Even worse, some of these activists speak about tolerance while directing hate, vitriol and vandalism to those who voted against same sex marriages.

I believe the root of the problem here is that supporters of same sex marriages cannot fathom how the same people that voted for Obama voted against same sex marriages. Surprise, surprise, Blacks and Latinos are not that keen to the idea. Then again neither is Biden so I don't know why the shock.

In short, do not be sore losers. You lost, for the second time. Now shut up and take your fight to a state that hasn't made up its mind yet. Your other option is to give up on using the word marriage, which is really what most people have a problem with.