Friday, November 14, 2008

Exteme Makeover - Republican Edition

Though I voted for Bush both times, I have to admit the second time was less enthusiastic than the first. It was apparent to me, all through his second term that his "compassionate conservative" approach and the Republican platform were checked at a door somewhere. All of a sudden, we had a Republican president acting more like a Democrat with every passing day.

Americans, as we say in Spanish, gave him the bill by overwhelmingly voting anti-Republican in 2006 and this year's election. Finally, all of a sudden, the grassroots Republicans calling for a return to Republican ideals have found an ear to listen to them as everyone else's eyes within the party have been opened to exactly how far we have diverged from our platform and ideals - mainly smaller government and less spending.

I am glad to see, and fully support, that Michael Steele is running for the chairmanship of the RNC. Like the Democrats, Republicans need to bring new and young people into the party so that we don't see the same people over and over again - which is why I will not support Newt if he runs for the chairmanship.

Michael Steele's history embodies what the Republican party stands for - work hard and reap rewards. He is not afraid to say he is conservative, and will be quick to state that the term is not a perjorative. Besides, he truly believes in the Republican platform and as an ex-seminarist and practicing Catholic undesrtands the social justice aspects of politics as well as supporting a pro-life position.

Godspeed Michael Steele.