Saturday, July 15, 2006

Lady in White comments on White House Cuban Report

A year ago, while visiting Mami in Miami, she told us about "plans" to help Cuba when The Bearded Stooge was no longer in power. My spouse and I were hesitant about these "transition" plans and some of the motivations behind them. But most of all, we kept thinking about the Cubans - how would they feel to all these people coming in and telling them what to do?

We understand Cuba will need a lot of help when freed - not only in money but in human resources as well. It will take a long time to undue what has been done not only physically to the island, but also to undo all the psychological and sociological damage that has been inflicted onto an entire population. But it also must be protected from all those who will flee to the island with only one motivation - money - and who couldn't care less about the welfare of the Cuban people.

This past week, when the White House Report on Cuba came out, some bloggers were disappointed while Cuba had ammunition. And once again no one thought about the Cubans and what their wants and their needs are. After all, this is a foreign government making decisions about their home, their country and their lives.

However, Cuban dissidents do not remain silent, and Miriam Leiva - founding member of the Ladies in White - certainly has a thing or two to say about such report: We Cubans must decide. Read the whole thing.

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