Friday, July 07, 2006

True Courage

I've posted many times about Guillermo Fariñas, the independent journalist in Cuba now five months into a hunger strike for his right to freely access the Internet. Today the Bradenton Herald has a beautiful editorial on this man and his unrelentless courage and defiance to a regime that violates every human right in existence.
In a nation where freedom is against the law, where the slightest dissent can be met with a knock on the door by the secret police, some of the bravest outlaws in Fidel Castro's Cuba are its independent journalists. Each day, they put at risk what little liberty they enjoy to report the reality of the regime and of life under dictatorship. It is dangerous duty, and they know it, remembering each day the more than two dozen of their colleagues imprisoned in Castro's gulag.

In one dramatic instance, there is a Cuban journalist ready to die for the right to tell his stories.

Read the entire editorial, it is worth your time.

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