Thursday, April 13, 2006

Comedy Central Caves In

I don't agree with the irreverence of South Park, but at least it's always been fair in its irreverence - everyone and everything is a target. This week the second part of the Mohammed cartoons episode, due to show a cameo cartoon of Mohammed, was scheduled to air. However Comedy Central apparently refused to air it.

That the network would allow previous shows in which Christianity, Judaism, Scientology and Catholicism were disrespected, but would not apply the same "freedom of speech" to a show dealing with Mohammed cartoons is an insult. I believe in equal or nothing, and expected more from Comedy Central.

Please contact Comedy Central and let them know that what's fair is fair, and that they have to air the show. Otherwise, they need to issue a public apology for airing previous religion bashing South Park episodes.

If Comedy Central allows South Park to make fun of other religions, why would they allow special treatment to one religion over others, in this case Islam and Muslims? This is outright preferential treatment, and discrimination against all other religions - Christians, Jews and Scientology - all which have been previously disrespected in South Park episodes.

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