Thursday, January 12, 2006

No More Trips

As the MSM is in a trance with the Alito hearings and the NSA leak - and completely dissing the 7-Mile- Bridge-15, at least someone seems to be paying some attention to Cuba.

The Miami Herald has today two stories concerning the trips to Cuba and the 15 balseros. The US government is actively contacting and following up on the illegal trips to Cuba of two organizations - Pastors for Peace, and the commies of Brigada Venceremos. The purpose is to eventually fine them and collect the money. This will hopefully deter other groups, such as the wacko Pinkies, from illegally traveling to Cuba at the expense of the Cuban people in the island. The whole story is here.

The second story covers the visit of the director of the Office of Cuban Affairs and the Cuba Transition Coordinator to Miami, for a luncheon in Coral Gables with exile groups. This gave the groups the wonderful opportunity to bring their frustrations about the repatriated 15 to Bush officials, in order to bring their attention to how inhumane this policy, and its recent interpretation is. The groups are also mobilizing strong efforts in Washington D.C. to lobby in favor of a revision of the law. Maybe 2006 is the year that we see this absurd policy go back to what it used to be, and make the Hermanos al Rescate again the Brothers to the Rescue. The story is here.