Saturday, January 07, 2006

Weekend in the News

Good news from Reuters, Bachelet heads the polls in Chile. This would be the fourth democratically elected government for Chile (after the end of the dictatorship), and the fourth consecutive government NOT from any of the parties associated with Pinochet (Renovacion Nacional and Union Democratica Independiente a.k.a. La Alianza).

While Ariel Sharon is still in a delicate state of health, there seems to be some improvement and some promise. His still in a medically induced coma, but seems to be "stabilizing". The story from ABC News here.

Worrying news from Cambodia, regarding the arrests of two human rights activists. This story smells of censorship. I hope Americans who read it appreciate the freedom we have here. Under Cambodia's president rules, all protestors of Bush with signs would then be arrested on criminal charges of defamation. And people here still dare call our FREELY ELECTED DEMOCRATIC GOVERNMENT a regime. What an insult!

"Pies Mojados/Pies Secos" is again causing controversy - the definition of US soil. Is the base of a bridge US Soil? Is a reef US Soil? It seems both are at issue not only from the government but also the Coast Guard. Babalu has a great commentary and piece on the story and so does El Nuevo Herald. A vigil was set for today, not to send the Cubans back. This story once again raises the issue of how unfair this policy is, and that it needs to be reformed. Either they are all accepted under the "asylum" policies, or they are all sent back. But this pick and choose, this battle at sea, has to end.

Follow up story - remember Babalu's reporting of Belafonte's trip to Venezuela? Well read what Belafonte and Glover, among others, had to say about their visit. I'm speechless.

To close, and in all fairness to Moe (Evo), I have to admit the guy said one thing I respected - he will take a 50% pay cut and give the money towards social actions. Don't be surprised, I may be radical, but I am fair. It's refreshing to see a president not wanting to steal. Now let's see if he lives up to the promise throughout his entire "mandato".