Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Blogosphere Minute

I plan to keep this as a daily segment in which to cover and comment, as well as direct you to, other blogs with interesting news.

Babalu has a great piece on The Russian Gas Crisis and its relationship with Castro. Additionally, it has a piece also in Publius, regarding rationing of supplies in Venezuela - the initial staple move of communist regimes. Pretty soon them Venezuelans might be carrying a rationing book. As a closer, their piece on Evo's self-comparison with Che is eye opening and reflects the pathetic mind set of Stooge Moe.

The Real Cuba has riveting news on a documentary to air in Germany tomorrow, in which it Castro is fingered as the possible mastermind of Kennedy's Assasination. This story is also covered here and in the Paxety Pages.

I have found two wonderful sites that attack not only the liberal bias in the media, but also the liberal political agenda of The New York Times, or as Front Page Magazine refers to it, the Treason Times. NewsBusters has two great stories. The first calls for an indicment of the Times for its Spy story. The second one wakes you up to just exactly what kind of media we are dealing with: The Unknown Commanders. This piece by Jay Nordlinger, exposes how the media frenzy is in love with Cindy Sheehan but neglects our true heroes. Definitely a must read. Times Watch has a great piece on the 10 Lowlights of the Times in 2005.

Lastly Front Page Magazine has a wonderful summary of the insanity behind the obsession with the Bush administration spying affair. I know some of you may disagree on this, but this is the most articulated support that I have found so far, and people just don't seem to get how important this is for National Security, and how much of a hole its leak has left.