Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Un Vistazo a "Latin America"

Well if it isn't good old CENSORSHIP by the left, at least that is what this radio talk show host is claiming in Argentina: Kirchner silenced him. I wouldn't be surprised, after all Kirchner stands next to two of the Stooges, and possibly will stand next to the new one as well. More on this story here, here, here, and here. At least the press and some politicians are disgusted with the censorship of the Argentinean government, as evidenced here as they not only denounce the cancellation of the program, but request its reinstallment.

So we move from censorship, to what could possibly be the fourth stooge - Ollanta Humala. As you all know, this is another "indigena" trying to go for a presidency this time around in Peru. And yes, you guessed it, another leftie commie. However, these news even surprise me. Read the whole disturbing affair here. And since we are on the topic of lefties, I will remind all of us Cuban-Americans that there are degrees to these lefties, and that not all socialists are communists. With that as a disclaimer, this upset my stomach and let me explain why. I've been to Chile many times, as my husband is Chilean, and have had the opportunity to discuss politics with people from all walks of life. Michelle Bachelet is a socialist yes, but you have to remember exactly what the right means in this country - Pinochet. There is no moderate or center right, so everything that is not right is basically left. These political tactics of the "right" are more leftist in nature. Bachelet belongs to the same political party and affiliation as the exiting Ricardo Lagos, and believe me when I say these people are not communists, far from it. Read about Lagos' presidency and you will learn how focused he is on foreign commerce, policy while at the same time taking steps to help the poor have access to healthcare and housing. He has even revised the constitution to make it more democratic after the changes La Dictadura de Pinochet had done. So please, don't believe everything you read.