Monday, January 02, 2006

To start the year......

The year has started with a good bunch of very interesting, ingenious and contradicting news.

While I always realized Google Earth could be used for "dark" purposes I failed to realize what good it could bring to the Cuban cause showing the world one of Castro's House. See it here and read about it here. The paranoia has also started with Fidel worrying so much about Evo Morales' security that he offered him a private plane for his "tour", which Evo respectfully declined; read the full story here. At the same time Evo's voice piece says that they are looking for "bilateral relations" with other countries not just Cuba while visiting China, Brazil, Venezuela and France (last time I checked, nice left wing countries), and criticizes that the USA has always carried an imposition stating that they offer their help always with a condition, and that Bolivia will no longer stand for that. However, in the same story they tout they will continue with the "gas por mar" policy with Chile, where simply stated if Chile wants to keep buying gas from Bolivia they need to give the latter a way to the sea....pot calling the kettle black I see. It is clear, bilateral applies only to governments with their same stance, with others they will apply the same imposition the accuse the USA of doing. The whole story is here.
In the blogworld, Babalu has a story (also on El Nuevo Herald) about the Zapatista leader emulating Che's Motorcycle tour...Dios los cria y el diablo los junta (just like the guest list for Evo Morales inauguration ceremony). Also check out The Devils Excrement for a good summary of Venezuelan economic distortion and contradictions. Frontpage Magazine, also has a great commentary on Spielberg's movie Munich with was also posted on Blog for Cuba as well as an interesting piece on the co-sponsors of the Pinkies Cuba trip and their "re-definition" the revolution.