Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Star Wars with The Three Stooges

Surprise, Surprise...can this really surprise anyone? You can read the story in Spanish here and here. As Val said on the previous post, if you can't get them to join you buy them. Who are they kidding? Larry (Fidel) started with the outsourcing of Doctors at the expense of the healthcare of his own people, Curly followed with his oil/petroleum resources, and now we have Moe on the receiving end - but pretty soon he will be doing the same with his natural gas resources. However, mark my words, there will be no special pricing for Chile unless Bolivia receives some sea.....gee and I thought we were the ones imposing on other people. Additional pieces on Evo and his "evismo" (you know they all call it by their names, and he couldn't very well call it Moralismo because it's not moral), here and here

And now they call themselves "el eje del bien" in which they will be "liderando la lucha anti-imperialista". As my husband said this morning, what the fuck is this Star Wars??? Let's see, I guess United States is the Empire so that makes Bush the Emperor and Cheney or Condi, Darth Vader (since, you know we are "El Imperio"). Castro would be Yoda, since he is the teacher and of course Chavez is Luke Skywalker his young apprentice. Which doesn't leave us much for Evo, maybe Han Solo? And to finish the F.M.I. would of course have to be Jabba the Hut! But wait, that would make Kirchner Han Solo, so what again is Evo? C-3PO? R2-D2? I got it!!!! He is the Ewok!!!!!