Sunday, January 08, 2006

New England Sunday Ritual

While Val over at Babalu has decided to torture us with a picture of "pastelitos y croquetas" (thanks Val, we love you too!), we here in New England, coming off a Patriots victory last night, get ready for yet another Football Sunday! I have not a clue what we will do once football season is over.....

BREAKING NEWS: Cuban Revolution reversible. The day a lot of us thought would never come, Cuba talking openly of its own demise. This is a possible explanation for the sudden and recent increase in the usual rhetoric, and the attack on dissidents. Read this and this.

Curly (Fidel) once said that there had been no tortures in his country (yeah right), however El Nuevo Herald has been covering this week a special piece on torture. I don't know what they had other days, but today they have a riveting piece on Cuban torture occurred on 1962. In Spanish, you can read it here. Word to the wise, not for the faint of heart.

"Poderoso Don Dinero" was a recurring saying in my house. It seems it filters to politics as well. Moe (Evo) has been well received every where he goes, which coincidentally are countries offering him money or with heavy investments in his country. The newest to the bunch, Chirac, whom Evo says he respects for defending the rights of the indigenous people of Latin America. The same Chirac, who a couple of months back had riots on his country from minorities who have been marginalized. Yes I can really "respect and admire" this country. Also from the herald, the whole article here and here.