Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Two Sides, Two News, Two Nations, Two Loves

I've been toying with this all day, a blogosphere minute on the two stories that touched us these past two days - the Seven Mile Bridge 15, and the FIU professors which turn the Miami 5 into the Miami 7. As it happens Paxety Pages beat me to the punch not only with great commentary, but also with a roundup of The Usual Suspects covering the story. Kill Castro has a great post on how being Cuban-American can send you to an internal tug of war when faced with these contrasting stories at the same time. Feeling the pain of returning the 15 rafters, and the anger that the FIU spies probably got in due to more favorable policies at the time. Damn if you do, Damn if you don't. And in closing a letter to the president from Ziva.

The second story is something somewhat familiar, and somewhat surprising - Cuban spies hidden under the veil of Academia. As a future Academic, I know I will be surrounded by lefties, but that I can handle. However, to be surrounded by covert Cuban spies, I don't think I would manage all that well. I'm usually naive in the sense that if I find a Cuban out of Cuba, he is usually anti-Fidel. This is a heck of a reality check, not only for me, but also for the US Government. At a time when Cubans ask for a humane revision of the wet foot/dry foot policy, this arrest can only work against those efforts. This marriage of agents, reminiscent of the "Red Avispa" or the so called Miami 5, only highlights to the US the failings of a favorable immigration policy to Cubans. It gives people the grounds to say see what happens when we let them in? To us it tears at our very fabric that keeps us together: they are amongst us. Babalu had the first post on this, and today you can get this from El Nuevo Herald. The story in English you can get from The Real Cuba. Surprisingly Cuba has said nothing on the subject, so far.