Monday, January 09, 2006

Belafonte keeps singing the wrong tune

Some days back, I reported from El Universal, Belafonte's praises for Larry (Chavez) and his Bolivarian revolution, which pretty much didn't surprise us, but disgusted us still. Well, now the MSM has the report and additionally calls Bush a terrorist. Don't get me wrong, you can disagree with our president as much as you like, but don't go around supporting a totalitarian regime, with laws such as "ley mordaza" which curtails (censors) what can be said in the media, and is best friends with a murderer tyrant who tortures people only for being dissident. The story in English is here and here.

I want to urge ALL of you to read the El Nuevo Herald piece on torture, in particular the seventh installment about Las Cabañitas in Cuba. It is a riveting story told by a survivor. In Spanish you can read it here.