Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Stooge Strikes Back

Honestly, there will come a point where I will not even comment any further on this, because I'm starting to sound as repetitive as the Stooge. This rhetoric gets old, and only ignorant people who have been kept away from reality, can believe this.

Larry (Chavez, who else?), not only accuses the US of plotting to invade Venezuela, but now he is starting to sell that story to the Bolivian people as well, claiming that if US invades Bolivia Venezuela will come to the rescue. He has also started to throw around accusations against the US, stating that for sure by now the embassy in Bolivia has started to plan a coup against Moe (Evo Morales). I really want some of the drugs this guy is taking, I think they will help me greatly in my studies! (not!). The interesting thing here is that his empty accusations, come at the same time as the US states that they are willing and able to carry a dialogue with Moe, in the hopes of maintaining positive relations. Larry's accusations in Spanish are here and here. The news about US-Bolivia dialogue is here.

Additionally, after Larry had said "no voy a responder a provocaciones" from Peru, he most surely did. Now is attacking and insulting presidential candidate Lourdes Flores. Why? Well because, though slim, she still leads in the polls against the leftist Ollanta Humala that as you all know is Stooge's favorite. The full story from EFE here.

You know sometimes, I dream of this "invasion" and what would happen. Larry once said that it would be a 100 year war if US invaded Venezuela. What he doesn't realize is that Venezuela is already in this "war", in this "invasion" but not by US but by Larry himself. Last week's fiasco with the highway is proof that the money is not going into Venezuela, but like the oil is flowing out. A story on the structural crisis of Venezuela here.