Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Dale Juana con la Palangana

You know, he just couldn't stay content with the visit of the third stooge....he had to come back to his whining....Again Larry (Chavez) is whining about the fact that the US will not sell them the replacement parts he needs for his fighter jets (is he planning to attack someone? why would he need them in the first place?), but now also accuses the US of "blocking" them from being able to purchase jets from Brazil, because the jets have US Technology and is threatening to purchase jets from China or Russia. Are you kidding me? Is this supposed to be a threat? Oh no! our economy will crumble because Venezuela won't buy some jets from us!!! What will we do???? Besides, according to documents the little boy stooge should've received his "parts" in November. What is he crying about??

Y para ponerle la tapa al pomo, of course, he again accuses the US of planning an invasion, and calls on his military to get ready!!!! Does this stooge understand the meaning of "this is getting old"???? Does he have absolutely nothing better to do?? The whole pathetic story in English here.