Wednesday, January 11, 2006

"Prisoners of Conscience" in Cuba

Surprisingly, EFE News and both today carry articles reporting on the violations of human rights occurring in Cuba.

The story in EFE News quotes Oswaldo Paya saying "the prisoners at Gitmo each better than any Cuban". Maybe that will shut up all those little groups who go and protest Gitmo while being blind to the atrocities inside Cuba. The persecution in Cuba, as we had guessed, has gotten worse, thanks in large part to the support Curly receives from Larry in terms of oil. Read the whole story in English here.

JSB has the link to the story. Surprisingly, CNN reports a story on how the prisoners of conscience in Cuba (entiendase PRISIONEROS POLITICOS) has grown 10% over the past six months! You can also link to the full story here.

Additional coverage in English here from Reuters in Metro Toronto.

And people are protesting Gitmo???? Coño, how can these people do this? Wake up!!!