Friday, March 17, 2006

USA vs Mexico - More than Baseball

Was it just me? Was I watching the wrong game? Or did everybody see and hear the same thing?

Last night as I watched the WBC game of USA vs Mexico I was flabbergasted. Not by the facts that USA lost, I expected that, but by something else. Even though team USA was playing as a visitor, they were playing HOME in ANAHEIM, CA which last time I checked the map, is in the USA.

However, they were playing in the most hostile environment I've ever seen a USA team play. The stadium, it seems, was packed with Mexicans (legal or illegal, does not make a difference), who were not only cheering Mexico, but were also booing team USA.

It was quite an experience watching a USA player out at first, and have the whole stadium applaud and cheer; or listening to the stadium boo as the catcher and pitcher meet on the mound to ice the batter.

How can it be that team USA gets to play at home and still be in a hostile environment? Aside from that, who are these people, ungrateful and disrespectful, who attend this game and aside from cheering their "home" team (which is understandable), purposely antagonize the opposing team who just so happens to be the country they are currently residing? The latter is a separate post.

But then again, what can you expect from a team that was deliriously happy about eliminating its opponent, even though they had nothing to gain by it.

Whether team USA played well or not is besides the point here.

The fact that a USA team can get booed and opposed playing at home, is in my view, worrisome.

I'd advice WBC organizers next time to choose a venue with a larger percentage of American public so at least the team can be cheered on. So the players can feel the "home" advantage, and can hear the stands roaring in their support.