Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Posada Sr. On Cuba

I learned something today; I learned that Jorge Posada's father is Cuban. El Gavilán Pollero, as my spouse calls him is half Cuban half Puerto Rican. Who knew? I'm sure you all knew, I didn't.

The NYT has a story today on Posada Sr. and his tug of hearts watching Puerto Rico play Cuba. Sure the story is a soft, nostalgic, and poetic piece but Posada still gets some comments in that the NYT prints. Comments like:
Posada had no freedom and no future, he said, so he had to escape. He stowed away on a tobacco ship in 1968 with only some water, a credit card and the shirt, pants and shoes he was wearing.

"I stayed with Fidel eight years," Posada said. "That was enough."

It bothers him that fans cannot get near the players. "The players have no communication with anyone," Posada said. "They can't do what they want."

"Sometimes, I don't understand what the people say," Posada said. "Your country is supposed to help you. Cuba doesn't."

Posada's ire is saved for one man. "My situation was with Fidel," he said.
You can read the entire article here.

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