Monday, March 13, 2006

Cuba Migration Policiy Violations

This is the 2nd time I start this post; the first my computer crashed.

Cuba in past days se ha llenado la boca to state that the US is violating migration accords and not giving out all 20,000 yearly visas to Cubans. Ha! We all know, it is Cuba who does not allow people to leave, such as the case of the two dentists being held in the Bahamas - who were not allowed to leave Cuba and hence their US visa expired.

El Nuevo Herald today, has a story on exactly this same topic - specifically on 533 cases of Cubans in Cuba with Visas to the US, 533 people who are retained in Cuba; that means Cubans with visas to enter the US not allowed to leave Cuba by Cuban authorities. But wait, wasn't it the US not granting the visas? Cuban lies exposed once again, please read the entire article.

Last March 3rd, Ricardo Alarcón, full of himself claimed that no Cuban with a US visa woudl become a balsero, that none of those who risk their lives in the 90 mile Florida Straits do so because Cuba does not allow them to leave; they do so because the US does not grant them the visas.

"Tell me the name of one Cuban that has risked death; that having the US visa has become a rafter because Cuba would not permit him to leave."
Well, sir, it seems El Nuevo Herald has granted your request.
  1. Marialys Darias Mesa y David Gonzalez Mejías - the dentists being held in the Bahamas denied the Cuban exit permit in 2002
  2. Rafael Díaz Rey, his wife, doctor Nivia Valdés Gálvez, and their two sons, Pablo, 15, and David, 10, left on June 2005 in a converted 1948 Mercury - "carronautas"
  3. Orlando Chinea, ex trainer of the National Baseball Team, after 10 failed attempts, on June 2004 achieves his goal. His family had been in US since 2000
  4. Dentist Manuel Cabrera, 55, whose body was found floating 26 miles of Cape Canaveral August 2002, was desperate because he could not join his wife and family in the US.
That's more than one. Any questions?