Thursday, March 09, 2006

More on Debunking Chavez

Adding to the post on Media Bias - The Case of Hugo Chavez, is this editorial from The Washington Times. If the title, Hugo Chavez, Imperialist, is not enough to pull you in, maybe the hit the nail on the head commentary will:

Though the highway to Caracas' international airport is in disrepair, he has reportedly committed more than $3 billion a year in aid to Latin American neighbors with no accountability to Venezuelan citizens...

...has repressed his own citizens by confiscating property, permitted thousands of Cuban officials to form a secretive shadow regime within his government, and enacted "social responsibility" laws that make it a jailable offense to criticize public officials.

...opposes the United States, its prosperity and its definition of representative democracy. Free markets and human rights have no place in his utopia. He believes neighboring democratic and market-oriented nations represent a U.S. empire of sorts, though they are sovereign states. He would create instead a confederacy of populist satraps.

Oddly, China and South Asian countries half a world away are adopting such formulas as they gallop toward prosperity, while retrograde carnival barkers like Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro still sway crowds in our own hemisphere with loud talk and red flags. It would almost be comical -- if a lot of innocent people weren't being hurt.

Want to read more? Read the entire commentary here. Find out how Stooge Chavez not only supports the FARC guerrilla warfare in Colombia, but also how he is meddling in our own US Government. Yes you read right, meddling. Doing exactly what he criticizes so much, at the tune of paying his lobbyist about $100,000 to put him in good graces with US Lawmakers, and funding leftists groups in the US. And you thought the Abramoff scandal was big? Listen to this:

Here, his government reportedly pays lobbyists up to $100,000 a month to conduct publicity campaigns and convince Congress he's a good guy, despite all the epithets he has called U.S. officials since his election in 1998.

Venezuela's embassy helped organize a National Solidarity Conference on Venezuela at George Washington University along with the Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES), Committee for Indigenous Solidarity-D.C. Zapatistas, and Code Pink-D.C., all a stale wind from the 1980s, when radical groups agitated to build support for Nicaragua's Sandinistas and Salvador's guerrillas.

As if that wasn't enough, he is threatening the region with his million dollar investment in arms, bombs, and planes - worrying even neighboring countries like Brazil and Colombia.

When is the media going to start portraying Stooge Chavez for what he is? An egomaniac that likes to listen to himself, meddle, and bask in his own glory? A man that dreams of a Latin American Empire?

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