Wednesday, March 08, 2006

ahhhhh missing Key West

Among some things I miss from Miami, is how close it is to Key West - 3.5 hours!!! (as compared to the 30+ I would have to drive now). Whenever things in Miami would get to tough for us to handle - stress, traffic, work - sort of like how my past two weeks have been, my spouse and I would call up Authors Guest House in Key West, reserve any of their rooms, reserve two bikes available upon arrival, get on the Turnpike South and escape.

Once in Key West, we would bike our way to this place, where on Saturday nights, they had a live band playing, and a huge dance floor where we could dance the night away.....with the geriatric dance club of Key West, but we didn't care. It was Latin, it was Cuban, and they had mojitos!!!! (ever ridden a bike under the influence??). So here it is, my favorite place to visit while on Key West (we even met Pepe, viejo salamero!!!! pero muy simpatico!):