Monday, March 06, 2006

Parents right to fear Liberal Profs

Yesterday I had this post concerning liberal professors in High School. Today a story from the Chicago Sun Times touches again on the issue or liberal professors in College and the climate of intimidation among their students. As I said yesterday, no one can tell me this doesn't exist. I attend a New England University and I can vouch for liberal bias, as I have encountered it.

The dangers of college kids facing this liberal indoctrination many times disguised as "debate" or "promoting ideas or difference of opinion" is:

Experts say that freshmen students are the most vulnerable to cults, which sometimes prey on campuses. But students are also vulnerable to their professors, to what their professors teach, and to just how those professors decide to slant their lectures and their grades on papers.
Nothing like the young, impressionable mind and devloping personality of a young man or woman.....

I have a friend who tells me that one of his son's college professors is from Mexico and, in his classes, heaps praise on Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez -- discounting, of course, the many lives they are responsible for taking and the others they're responsible for imprisoning without trials.
And you might say, what do I care about Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez? You really should care, but in case you don't I'll assume you at least care about kids learning History, not someone's story...
Another friend told of his daughter being taught a history course in which she was allowed to read only the anti-American books the professor listed. When she asked if she would be able to add some other books to the course list, she was told "no."
It is a shame that these professors find the need to indoctrinate kids, but then again maybe their ideas are so off, that young impressionable minds are the only way they can get a following.

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