Friday, March 03, 2006

Cuban exile active in PR

With the first round of the WBC being played in Puerto Rico, the Cuban exile community in PR has decided to support those Cuban players that decide to defect. Now that in itself is not surprising. They will however stage the following demonstration to receive the players, which I thought was a great idea:

durante el primer juego de Cuba en el Clásico, un grupo de damas vestidas de blanco recibirá al equipo cubano con un cartelón que leerá: "la patria es de todos"
For those not knowing Spanish, they plan to receive the Cuban team with a group of women dressed in white, in representation of the dissident Cuban group Ladies in white who recently won the Sakharov price. The women will be holding up signs reading: Cuba is of all of us.

I hope this tells the players that we are all Cubans.