Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Kudos to Uruguay's Smoking Ban

While I still don't trust Tabare Vasquez, as I haven't figured out which "left" he belongs to, I do have to praise his latest initiative - smoking ban in Uruguay.

I used to be a smoker, so I know how alcohol and a cigarrette go together like bread and butter. I even criticized here in the States, when the smoking bans started going up - stating that bartenders and waitstaff would be the most affected. Well, in an event that many of my friends will attest does not happen often, it seems I was wrong. Business booms in restaurants and bars, even without smoking.

The ban in Uruguay is the toughest so far in Latin America, banning smoking from restaurants, bars, and offices. Having been in Chile last August, I can't wait until a similar ban is imposed there - our outings for two weeks left us congested, sick, and with very bad sinus congestion.

I do hope other countries as Chile and Argentina, soon follow suit.

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