Monday, February 27, 2006

Crazy Stooge Chavez Supporter

Just when I think the bearded Stooge has about said all there is to say about the Cuban "Miami Mafia", someone comes along to top him.

Now a Venezuelan in Miami is claiming that he was not allowed to leave on his flight to Santo Domingo at the orders of the Miami Cuban Majority. Really? The Cubans in Miami now control undercover police officers and Customs officials? I think this guy is a bit off the wall.

But what am I saying, they guy held a Housekeeper as hostage, because she is Cuban, and wouldn't talk to the first officer on the scene, well you guessed it because he was Cuban too.

You know, if you are paranoid about being persecuted by Cubans, why not book the flight directly from NY to Santo Domingo?

Read the story here, and here .