Thursday, February 23, 2006

Please make me understand

I just came across this story, which in my opinon belongs entirely in the WTF department.

Damon Wayans wants to put out a line of clothing which he wants to call "nigga". YES you heard right, that horrible racial epithet that some Blacks use amongst each other, like some sort of a special club. If another Hispanic came and called me a Spic, I wouldn't take it like a fraternal epithet. And if J.Lo tomorrow wanted to launch a line of clothing called "spics" I would be the first one protesting.

What the hell is wrong with Damon Wayans? Fortunately, so far, his attempts to trademark "nigga" which would of course bring it to mainstream vocabulary having everyone using the word as loosely as whites used it during the slavery era, having kids learn it, eroding in its entirety the racism and prejudice the word entails, have been denied.

Would blacks not be in an uproar if they see some white kid wearing the word nigga across his chest? How does a community take the workd they've been oppressed with and turn in into a term of endearment? My God, where are we headed?