Tuesday, February 21, 2006

More Cubans arrive at Puerto Rico

Today a group of Cubans that came by boat, through the Dominican Republic, arrived today at Puerto Rico at Mona Island. This has been happening more and more this year, which has sparked investigations of a Cuban smuggling ring in Dominican Republic.

Recently some people have stated, that migration out of a country is not a good measure of their government - Cubans fleeing Cuba has no bearing on Cuba's situation - that's their argument. To support it they bring forth the case of illegal immigrants crossing the border every day.

There are two major differences:

1. Previous to the Bearded Stooge's government, Cuba received immigration; meaning people were migrating to Cuba - Spaniards, Chinese, Hungarians. Now people are leaving Cuba.

2. The illegal immigrants crossing the border every day, are FREE to LEAVE their country when and how they please. Cubans CANNOT. They have to ask for PERMISSION from the GOVERNMENT and on top of that pay a LARGE SUM OF MONEY to the government, on top of whatever they pay a smuggler.

So please, don't come telling me that because the rafts only go one way - away from Cuba - that this is comparable to the US immigration phenomenon south of the border.