Monday, February 20, 2006

Stooge Chavez Buying votes for Humala?

UPDATE: RPP Noticias has a short story confirming that Peruvians are being offered Venezelan naturalization in exchange for their Humala votes. However, they also state a darker motive - to get them as voters for Chavez in the December elections. Is the only way this guy can get votes naturalizing immigrants?

Copei, the opposition party in Venezuela, has accused Stooge Chavez of buying votes for Peruvian presidential candidate Ollanta Humala. How? By offering Venezuelan citizenship to Peruvians residing in Venezuela. Sounds familiar doesn't it? Like those massive naturalization of Venezuelans in years past, for the referendum. Read the whole story in Spanish here. Wouldn't it be lovely, if this was proven true?

And of course, that bit of news now explains this ranting and raving from Stooge Chavez. So the abstention in the parliamentary elections did bother him after all. So much so that now he fears the opposition might do the same in December. And what does he do? Threaten with re-election for 2013! Well for changing the law so he can postularse again in 2013. If you ask me, he's paving the way to become permanent leader under a "democratic" guise. Then again it is he himself who is destroying the opposition with the trials to Sumate and Patricia Poleo.

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